After level 60 and at launch, will we get more knowledge points? My cap is at 494 right now

Will we get more ways to acquire more knowledge points after level 60? You can’t even accomplish what you want at the moment. Is that coming?

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What you mean you cant accomplish what you want? You have enough points to buy a lot of things to craft, and you can always learn, build, then drink a lotus potion to reset the points and learn something you missed to craft it.

I dont get it why ppl complain about not having more knowledge points at lvl 60 when you can reset the points.


But resetting takes away from the convenience of crafting at will i.e. putting points into kits or other things but now you can’t build a certain suit. If that’s the only way to accomplish things, so be it. I was asking to see if there were plans to unlock more past level 60.

You are not supposed to craft everything at will, thats the purpose of having limited points, either spend wisely or just reset, its simple.

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Couldn’t find a spot to post this question but we are experiencing a good amount of griefing in exiles on a pve server. There are players killing every thrall from everyone as well as running into basis behind people and stealing everything. Is this going to be changed where we can lock things like furnace, workbenches, stc, and where players cannot kill other thrall in pve. If not I think we are out I don’t want to have to rent a server just to stop griefing and we have huge builds now. Server 1406 pve


If your server isn’t private, I believe they will be wiping the slate clean just before release day. Slate meaning official servers.

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The reset potions are really easy to make. As simple as 10 yellow flowers just from the newbie river. They also grow by the water in the north so resetting is really easy and cheap once you get the firebowl cauldron. You are also supposed to be able to get a little over half of the engrams which means you can pick up the full amount of building engrams along with two weapon types of your choice and plenty if not all of the decorations. As you level up, use the potion to get rid of the lower tier weapons and keep the higher end stuff. The engram system works really well and it’s more fine tuned than most games. As more content comes out later, they should think about awarding more points for feats and discoveries but all in all, learning special items from the serpent men dungeon, the dregs, armor stands, and various other items like the black hand flags and other things that you can interact with is a fantastic way to introduce various engrams to the game.


What Caco said.

Seriously, after the update YELLOW LOTUS BLOSSOMS are like weeds. They are everywhere. 10 required to make the potion is really easy.

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Kind of a needless argument. Every MMO in history as it ages, ups the maximum cap and adds more content.

Right now using the Yellow Lotus Blossom you can reconfigure your feats and attributes any time you want. What would be nice is the ability to save these settings so they can more readily be used when preparing for different type “adventures”.


If everyone were able to craft everything in game at will, there would be need for Clans or friends. Takes away from the Multiplayer aspect imo.

If you are on Single player, does it matter? Reset your points and craft new stuff. It’s not like anyone will notice. :wink:

They are limited so that you have to depend on your clan mates to help shore up what you don’t know. It prevents a single player in a multiplayer game from not needing anyone else and just being able to do everything solo.

I strongly disagree with being able to unlock everything when you reach cap. Unless you are playing single player, in which case you can either admin mode more points or just reset your feats to your hearts content.

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They won’t lock the work stations but you can put chests next to your stations and lock them, keeping no mats on the benches except when you are using them. Its what I do…

if the reset potions are so easy to make, why is good that we cant just unlock everything eventually anyway? like the only difference is just that its objectively more annoying and tedious to constantly reset your stuff. just make getting further point take a long time and bamn, you can reset to get stuff all day but eventually really really long term you will not have to worry about it anymore

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I would like a higher levle cap with new recipes, coming in a dlc / expansion. Im fine with limited points + respec potions, makes it fun to split recipes with clanmates, and craft em what they cant / get some gear crafted, it does feel more coop

Make the potion that resets your skills so that you can.

So that you are incentivized to play in a clan and have clanmates cover what you cannot do. And if you are playing solo then you have access to the admin panel and can just get all of the feats anyway.

Sorry I suppose. Its a game based around clans helping each other. They give you the tools to bypass their limits should you want to use them. I don’t see a need for there also to be another way to bypass their limits when one already exists personally.

Yeah. The devs have stated that out of their own mouth that your clan mates are there to fill in the gaps that you yourself don’t have.

This isn’t a lone wolf game where you get to be everything without having to use the admin panel to do it. In single player mode, the tool is there.

I fully endorse and agree with that philosophy. Especially for a survival game in a genre that is supposed to be difficult, not easy mode. The tools are there for someone to be everything if they want in single player mode.

They don’t need to add another mode that does the exact same thing.

If you could default to knowing everything you wouldn’t need anyone else in multiplayer, which destroys one of the points of being in a clan in the first place.

I’m mostly wishing for more attribute points is SP/Co-op. Especially since as far as I can tell, you can’t add points using the Admin panel anymore. You only get enough points at level 60 to max one attribute, and partially max one more. I’d like to max at least 2, and partially max (3rd perk) a couple more. Then making an actual build would be a lot easier.

I understand why it is the way it is from a PVP perspective, but in single player you don’t have to worry about that stuff. I was thinking of a organic way to add the points rather than just doubling the attribute points on level up, and I think a good way to do it would be to add them upon completing journey steps. Higher level journey steps would yield more than lower. Plus it would add some sort of progression after level 60, since you almost certainly hit level cap before finishing all journey steps.

Idk how practical it is from a developer standpoint, but at the very least they could make it so the admin panel can add attribute points again. Unless you can and I’m just oblivious, lol.

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Unless you’re playing on console, there are mods that increase the level cap that you could use. I’ve seen some that let you get upwards of level 110, which may be what you need to fully max out skills.

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