More knowledge points/daily quests

Please add daily quests or some kind of potion to gain knowledge points past the cap. As there is no benefit in PvP for being able to construct a table or a roof, this update would have zero negative impact on PvP. True, some players “enjoy” depending on clanmates or potions to “fill the gaps” but the majority does not. I just want to see this game live up to its full potential. Thanks!

The dev’s said no to traditional quests and such, which kinda sucks but I get the repitition to many lost its flavor long ago. Maybe they will return to the idea in some other format or someone will take advantage of the passive AI with a mod.

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Yup I don’t care what they do, long as we can fill our knowledge section completely. Will make the difference between a 5 star game and 2 stars.

I like not having quests though. “Fetch me 3 fish from the river.” and, “Deliver this message to Captain Raoul.” gets old. Fast.

I hope some modders introduce some quests and NPC’s just for some flavor to the game,there is no reason we can’t have the best of both worlds,and with mods the best part is if you don’t want it don’t install it

I’m on PS4 though =( so I’m at the mercy of whether or not they can fix the actual game. They should just make a knowledge points potion craftable at 60.