You should remove all the attribute benefits from potions etc

i suggest you remove the +3 str/vit boost from stacking 5x frost lotus potions, and maybe reduce the amount of potions that excist in game.
for me or anyone else that has playd since the first day of beta can walk into more or less any server and crush the population becose they have no clue how to gain tons of bonus attrbutes wich will benefit you so much when it comes to pvp.
sure knowledge should be rewarded, but this will only be one of many factors that will kill the game.

50 STR 40 Vit 30 grit 20 enc this is what you can can run with legit if you have the knowledge on how to get evrything in conan for pvp.
without any knowledge about potions and other boost it would look like this.

40 str, 40 vit, 20 grit, 20 enc in full legion and cimmerian helmet.
for a clueless noob it maybe doesnt look like much, but it is redicules how much it actualy changes the pvp.
any dedicated beta player for pvp can go into any offical and do 1 v 5 pvp and be caled a cheater becose of all the hidden attribute boosts.

That seems like a waste of alchemical base. You can get those buffs from any alcohol that can get you drunk.
(Excluding mulled brew, for example.)

I can see how removing these buffs could be good for PvP, but as a PvE player, I’d prefer this change to not take place. Giving admins the ability to toggle whether buffs are allowed could be a good compromise.

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Also remove the Potion of Endowment from the NA copies. Its kinda pointless to craft and use besides ERP

I have to agree. I used this potion by mistake as a female and now I’m scarred for life.

I’m lying of course. I see no reason to remove this from the game.

Explain what this potion did.

No. I don’t want useless potions.

I don’t want to spoil it. Try one yourself.

I must know. Tell me.

I honestly don’t see an issue with potions giving stat boosts. Infact, I would be more concerned if there wasn’t a way to buff your stats temporarilly through potions or other methods. Even without potions, you can fight fine against someone who uses some. Those buffs really aren’t all that significant.

In most cases, when someone gets killed, it doesn’t matter what the enemy was using to do it. They will cry about how “it’s unfair” and find any excuse to put aside the fact that… maybe the other guy was just better. Or maybe the guy who died made a mistake. Or maybe the guy who won had prepared more carefully.

Basicly, most of the whiners need to Get good. I have no sympathy towards people who can’t take a loss with dignity. They’d rather blame external factors then think about how they could improve as to avoid such situations from reocuring. The basic symptoms of people who lead carefree sheltered lives. If it were up to such people to affect the game’s balance, the game would inevitably end up being as simple as rock, paper, scissors with rock and paper being nerfed for being OP.


I think it’s nice to have a buff, but the effect stacks? That shouldn’t be.

They do not stack. Or atleast they didn’t when I tested it in the pre-release test-live. However, you can have several difrent ones active at once. I think this is what the op was refering to. As in, having a +3 in all stats through multiple potions, not getting something like +15 str through pots alone.

I mean… Through armor buffs, warpaints and a potion, you can actually hit +15 in a stat, but all the others would be getting no more then +3 each.

That said, though a build customised around the use of potions would be potent, I could see specialised builds running fine without such considerations against a “roided out” player. The bonuses through potions aren’t substancial enough to severely shift combat in one person’s favor.