Change Lotus Potion

Please, can lotus potion not reset aptitude ?
make 2 potion, one for each.
ps: sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

I support this 100%!
I use that potion ALOT, raiding times = PvP spec and before and after = PvE spec.
It is such a drag having to do the feats all the time I need to change my attributes. I is very rare that I need to change my feats…

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Yes, and the potion which resets attributes should cost a freaking lot. Resources which can’t be grinded easily.

i like this idea too. but not the high resources, its important to be able to switch attributes for pvp when neeeded,w e already have to grind a 1000 things i have a life i want to live lol


there are multiple easy fixes and improvements for the lotus potion:

1: re-enable two minute yellow potion decay,

2: make recipe slightly more complex, i.e. add glass flask, purified water, seeds even,

3: make it a learned recipe [even if it’s in the noob area],

4: make them very heavy to carry,

5: give them a penalty such as slow movement[like dizzy/drunk] or period where heals wont work,

6: give them a re-use ineffective timer!

any or all of these could make it less abused and OP. right now you can do anything be anything at any point and it lessens the impact of the stats/perks and makes way annoying the feat system having to be repicked as often.

just my two cents. but these have all been suggested many times before. but hopefully they are heard!

only sometimes we mess up after using one and need to use another ot fix the mistake, i do like #5 tho that would be neat

I don’t understand the issues with the potion. I am a solo player and I need to respec to get things done. This wouldn’t really have much effect on clans but on solo players it’s not practical not fair. This would put solo players at even more of a disadvantage.

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the problem for me and lots of people is that you have to retake all your aptitude when you use one to change your specialisation for pvp or farm and it’s anoying to do that.
We want that the potion only reset specialisation point and not atribute point

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That I do agree would be nice a potion for each so you only set up what you need to change

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