Yellow lotus potion


I think it would be great to have the choice to reset attributes or feats when using the potion.
I think most of the times its only used for attributes, and its frustrating to have to respec feats along with it.

Hope you will consider it :slight_smile:


I think there should also be a drawback to use one. One of my friend suggested a great solution : A loss of experience that is proportional to your level. I think it’s normal you’d want to try another build if you are lvl 20 and you shouldn’t be penalised much for that.

On the other hand, if you’re lvl 60 and respect only to go for a fight (say you want to go archer build for 1 fight), I feel like this should have some sort of drawback, be it an experience loss or even a long cooldown until next respect.

I also feel like the lotus potion materials requirement is not enough atm!

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We need the attributes and feats reset split into 2 different potions, each with a 30 minutes to 1 hour cool down. This will hinder respec abuse while at the same time you don’t have to waste time redoing the part of your spec you don’t have a problem with.


i think thats a good idea :slight_smile:

A debuff is a great idea. Here’s hoping the Day One patch adds it.

I honestly switch attributs every time i go farm… For the weight…Also, being able to save builds would be awesome, just equip your lotus (only attribute pot) and click your desired build. For a quick swap!

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i feel like potions such as Yellow Lotus and Aloe should have additional ingredient requirements like a glass flask or purified water. theyre still waaaay to easy to get and make for people to use during raids and even during combat or various pvp encounters. I feel like the decay too should be brought back for yellow lotus potions