LESSER yellow lotus potion?

hey so …

i was thinking, could we add a lesser yellow lotus potion? i mean the lotus potion is great as it is but can we please add a lesser version that only resets attribute points and not feat points as well?

would be much appreciated as putting points in feats all the time takes quite a few time as well. just resetting attribute points is what im mostly after in most cases.

we could call them, lesser yellow lotus potion, and greater yellow lotus potion (the one that resets it all)



So much this. I would even be okay with it costing more

I don’t mind resetting feats too much. At least I get to skip all the lower tier weapons that I added while leveling up. Gains me a few more points to either try other weapons or try something I didn’t have the points for. It is a bit repetitive but after you do it a few times there’s pretty much a standard you do and have quite a bunch of points leftover to assign when you have a minute or two.

/bump. this is a much needed addition, especially with since respecking is a required gameplay mechanic. it’s pretty crappy to have to redo your skills also EVERYTIME you just want to change from encumberance to something else for utility or pvp

In order to conclude the debate, 2 pots should be sufficient for everyone.