Lotus potion ''want to keep your old feats''

When you press lotus potion, most just do it to change their stats from farm to pvp.
It would be realy cool and a big Quality of life improvement to get the option to keep all your trained feats when you click it.
Becose honestly… it is a pain in the ■■■ to retrain your feats evry single time.

Maybe if others agree and it get some bumps it would be something we can get on next patch?


Yea there should be a change to that, or different potions added so you can reset one or the other


I believe this came up in a Dev stream. Joel seemed suprised at this, then said “Yeah. I can do that. Seperate potions for each. Not before launch, but yeah.”

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It’s good to know that they’ll be making this change.

Until then I’ll just have to keep using the script I made to auto-learn feats after every yellow lotus potion.

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