Save feats and attributes sets

It would be nice to have some possibility to learn feats and spend attr points automatically after yellow lotus potion was used. For example I want to be an archer now - I drink potion, then just click - and the attributes will be set automatically how I set them for this set


You want basically a loadout for your feats and attributes… Sounds cool. It would save a little amount of time, but seems kinda pointless. I would prefer to see an option with yellow lotus potions to either reset feats or attributes. I don’t like re-memorizing all of my feats if I feel like changing my build; also changing feats doesn’t really start happening till you reach level 60 and all high end recipes unlock.

Just concerning the potion having two different effects: Afaik they scrapped Sorcery, so it won’t be coming, and the Black Lotus Potions seems to have been intended for it.
So they could probably shift one effect over to it (Yellow = Feats & Black = Attributes or vice versa).

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