Saving and loading attributes

I’ve seen topic was mentioned before in here and not only here

But still we got nothing. Do we really must click so many times whenever we want to swap our attribute builds with Potion of Bestial Memory?
And literally EVERY single CE player agrees on this matter.
We’re all sick and tired of this clicking, can’t the game click it in for us?
Ohh come on Funcom ! We don’t want to be clicking and clicking and clicking all-over-again-every-single-time. It’s a big Pet Peeve.
Come on just do it allready guys.
We’re waiting for this simple thing more than two years now. Am i right ?


I agree we must have 3 saves for example. Farming, archer, fighter.

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I don’t have much of a problem with this as long as the potions maintain a very short duration so you’re not just swapping specs all the time.

To be honest though, I really wish the gaming community would get away from this obsession with trying to have the ideal setup for each and every individual situation. I don’t have a problem with respecs, and I’m glad to have them available. But I do think it really cheapens the idea of having an attribute system in general when your attitude is to constantly switch all your stats based on what opponent you’re facing next. Really, you shouldn’t be swapping stats so often that you need to have saved profiles.


So we’re okay with magical armor that makes us stronger or faster or more resistant, we’re okay with magical potions and foods that do the same, but we’re not okay with magical potions that allow us to change that? :slight_smile:

I don’t care about having saved profiles, but it would be nice to have access to attribute-only respec potion (e.g. Potion of Bestial Memory) on Siptah. If I have to spend a minute clicking on different attributes, that’s fine. If I have to spend several minutes unlocking all the feats again, that’s just annoying.

We both know that if they don’t give us access to anything easier, we’re going to keep using yellow lotus potions anyway :laughing:

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Just the abuse of them in the vain attempt to the be best at everything all the time.

“This fight is easiest as an archer.” drink “My name is Robin Hood.” “Oh, this next fight is easier as a fighter.” drink “Just call me Spartacus.” “Now it’s time to loot and bring stuff back to base.” drink

Daaaaang. Where can I get those potions? 'Cause the ones I’m using decay in only 2 minutes, so I either have to run home to brew them or get them out of a magical black ice fridge, or I have to be silly enough to carry a cauldron and ingredients with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, I get your point, I really do. And like I said, I honestly don’t need the “saved profile” potion. But I’m not against it, either. We already have yellow lotus potion, so it’s a bit silly (with all due respect and no offense meant by that) to complain about making it a bit easier.

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But i want to play conan this way. You can play conan your way and noone has a problem with that. When i have free day i can respec 10 times in one day, for example when i’m just exploring new setups or perks. If you don’t like the idea you can refuse to use it, and that’s the whole story. Just don’t be that kind of guy who just go to yt videos to comment how bad they are instead of just clicking something else and watching something different.

Hint about the realism: It’s MAAAGIC potion.
If fifth encumbrance perk is allready a gamebreaker then what’s the big deal anyway

Also you cannot place it in the dungeons and special places for example. I wish everyone good luck on weight with 3 weapons+arrows+armor sets+the cauldron+ingredients. What else? A pocket army of sand reaper queens?.. ohh wait, you can actually do this 5th perk of encumbrance! GASP

Yes please, if we are going to have an easy way to reset attributes and feats at least make it quick, it’s a pain to spend points every time you make a reset.
In my opinion those resets should be limited way more, to encourage players to use a single and unique build, feels like cheesing the game each time i take a reset…

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The funny thing is, most character set ups allready go as 30 vit (40-50 for pvp) , 20 encumbrance, 20 grit, 10-20 agility, 30 (usually higher at pvp) strength or accuracy no matter pve or pvp. Some players prefer to get 10 survival aswell. [The cheap cost and more functional build]

It is very rare that anyone goes for 30 and higher survival, 40 grit, 50 accuracy, 40 agility. Anyone getting 40 and higher encumbrance must be very rare since even a full pver needs other stats to survive and advance faster through each harvesting session; even with the better equipment.

I wish developers made these set more viable if they re not thinking of revisiting the attributes. The game allready trns around cookie cutter build and Potion reset is basically here to add 2 more bars to vitality, strength or encumbrance, survival.

It would be better if the most used attributes were revisited or least used ones were upgraded. About Feats, I agree I allways pick the fix set of Feats and it makes no sense refilling Feat Pages under each category after each reset.

One more thought:
I will be personally clicking my way on swapping builds regardless of you liking it, so this could at least be less distressing.
And alot of people want it to be implemented, that’s why they were asking for it for two years now.
And i wanna point out again that i don’t mind the potions existance in general.

Am I the only one with 20 survival for the fast harvesting? xD


Nope - I’m with you :wink: I’d rather shave a few points of strength if I have to and rely more on daggers (or my big stupid hammer :slight_smile: ). I’ve even gone to 40 survival a few times - it makes fighting giant snakes or wights so much more pleasant when they can’t poison/corrupt you…


On that surv bit, immune to poison does not impress sandreapers much. After getting puked in the face by one, my 40 points in surv counted for nuthin.


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Hell, no you aren’t! :smiley:

Survival and encumbrance are my primary reason for respeccing. I typically run around the vaults, Maelstrom and all that good stuff in my “combat” spec. But when it’s time to go get a boatload of stone, wood and iron ore for that T3 build I want to finish, then survival goes to 20 (or 30 if I can get it) and encumbrance goes to 50 minus whatever is the best I can get from armor. In Exiled Lands, that would be 38, but on Siptah I only have a T1 armorer, so that’s 41.

And that’s why I want to be able to craft the potion of Bestial Memory on Siptah, instead of grinding for it, because I need to switch between “farmer spec” and “combat spec”. I don’t mind the attribute clicking, but having to also unlock all the feats again sucks. I complained about it even when we had only the yellow lotus potion, but now that we’ve had the Midnight Alchemist potions for so long and we’re being forced to fall back to yellow lotus, it almost feel like spite from Funcom :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh, I guess I must’ve not fought one when ‘immune’ - clearly they need an axe to the chitinous face for this outrageous behaviour

I had been to 40 survival at times. Anyhow vitality, encumbrance, grit and just enough survival but also some agility is my allaround build. I dont go for 40 strength or accuracy. Lets me do combinations of things. Just to underline it, I like wandering more than settling.

Once I start building I get triggered (Triggered otism through mmos) and start to build more, farm, tame, mine etc more… which is actuallly not my priority. (Mmos may also trigger split personality lol)

Lately I wander around with stone tools and coars wrapping as a level 50 guy. I even challange bosses that way.

I really wish developers added combat feats which lets us apply additional specs during combat but blocks use of High tier items etc… as an alternative to crafting feats or a new set of crafting feats to craft better stone and wood etc tools without the requirement of giant facilites and settlements built. Practical wanderer’s recipes, applied at simle campfires, practical tent like structures that can be packed up etc.

When I wish to play a setler I do that to the core and usualy at single player. When I wish to wander as roleplay I also wish to do it to the core. Mixing both doest really work at all.

Ps: The lag is getting horrendous for me and my characters get randomly freezed and teleported at deep waters or get stamped at some random player’s walls or nearby ridge. My avatars moves by its own as if dragged and lives its own adventures which ends up with death, most of the time. I dont know how many of you are suffering the same problem lately but its really not fun at all when it happens at a far away location.

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