About the yellow lotus potions

Alright, every one is raging about the new decay timer on the yellow lotus potions, I for one think its silly answer to the abuse that has been going on with it. So let me give you a better answer to the problem.

First and foremost , split the yellow lotus function into two parts, a silver lotus potion and a gold lotus potion. Silver simply resets crafting skills. Gold will reset attribute points. So here is my cost for this lotus potion
Silver lotus potion - reset crafting skills;
- Ten yellow lotus dust, one glass vial filled with water, twenty silver dust and ten leavening agent.
- 12 hour cool down period.

Gold Lotus potion - Reset attribute points.
- Ten yellow lotus dust, one glass vial filled with water, twenty Gold dust, ten leavening agent and ten demon blood.
- Has 72 hour cool down period.
- The potions use once imbibed sets the players HP to one point.

That’s my solution to the lotus potion problem. Peace out.

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Not sure I like the drop to 1 hitpoint since they dont regenerate automatically and it would require a decent amount of time and food to bring it back up.

The cool down seems reasonable though. Even with a 24 hr cool down it would solve the issue without requiring a expire on the potion.

The way it is meant to fix your character or try something new but not to just swap back and forth from carrying stuff to combat at the drop of a hat. You choose what you want to specialize in, are you a builder, or a fighter/ melee or ranged.

In most games skill and attribute reset cost increasingly more each time it is used or is limited by a cool down period anywhere from 1 day to 1 week.

Yellow lotus needs no punishment for use mechanic. However interesting, the idea is a solution in search of a non-existant problem.

I have no idea why people wanted the yellow potion nerfed in the first place. now its two minutes??? Every player could use yellow lotus potion whenever they wanted, no one had any advantage over another.

There is a reason why people want the yellow lotus potion nerfed. It has made PvP encounters a bit of a rock paper scissors matchup, do you have a pvp build? If not then you are probably dead pretty fast mate. By nerfing it you end up with people having to take there builds very seriously, not how it is now with every one just jumping from build to build on a whim which caused the whole thing to begin with.

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Golden lotus potion already exists in the game. It is the best healing item. Will continue healing you even when you get hit. Gets ya drunk though so carry some antidotes or violet cure all. Cheers.


While these amounts of cooldowns seem okay, I wonder if there is any else cooldown in the game?
is there even a mechanic for cooldowns? I really dont know!

I think the current short decay is perfectly fine - however, I would prefer if it was crafted in 10 seconds instead of having to cook like 2 minutes (guessing there) and then while one might have wandered off to stash away some goods, the actual potion decays already.

Also I do like the idea of splitting them into two potions.

Say that again when you encountered a harvesting player who completely kills you off after a few seconds. The issue lied in people on pvp insta respeccing from full harvest+carry to full warrior build - nuking people away. (Or to runners build, running away.)

I think the current situation is just fine. If only the potions didnt take as long to craft - but that is only a light inconvenience.

The only thing I agree with is making separate potions for attributes, and feats. Keep the decay timer as is. Keep it cheap to craft. Since sometimes Ill respec a couples times in a day. 1 time to go farming like a mad man, then back to combat ready states after Im done. The rest is overkill from your suggestions. Its fair, since all of us can quickly respec.

I only play pvp. Even to switch set us you have to take a minute to set perks. There is no instant reset to warrior build. Unless it’s a pc thing where people script, to me scripting is cheating. That’s not the fault of the potion, decay timer is annoying. But as I said in other threads, we will have cauldron buildings everywhere on the map.

Now guess what…

While it’s true for not the tool to be at fault and it’s the human (mis)using it…
I think the decay timer is fine - but as I said, maybe the potion shouldnt take that long to craft. Then one would simply craft it and then respec.

Well… We already got buildings all over the map. (Maproom)

I agree that they should split the potions up but i think the 2 min decay and that the potion can not be stacked is a good if not great solution to the abuse problems.

Split them up, yes but keep the decay to two min :slight_smile:

As it is right now you cannot abuse the Lotus Potion and i’m a big fan of that :+1: I was on of the main guys who was against the Instant respec of stats and made people aware of the abusive macros that where used with this :hugs:

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I much prefer a cool down timer to a decay timer. The cool down timer makes people choose a build not just respec multiple times a day. It also has the advantage of eliminating the clutter of people bringing cauldrons everywhere since they could carry a potion but would probably not since they could not respec often.

Respec is usually meant as a tool to correct something you did when you didn’t fully understand how things worked or you don’t like a particular play style. It should not be a tool to re-sculpt your body for each task you do so you are the best at everything just by taking a drink.

Having the ability to respect as often as you want makes it so people out hunting others are always in a full combat build. This means they will roll over anyone they come across who is not full combat or was specced into gathering. That would be fine if they were stuck with that and so harvested slower and could carry less, but instead they just drop a cauldron and spec to carry and take everything and haul it back with no disadvantage to being full combat. It needs to be made so you need to choose what you are good at not for the next 10 minutes but for the next long period of time.

Funcom does not like cool down counters and i think they are on to something. If you respect and then miss click, you will have to use your broken build while you wait for the CD.

Where as the way it is not you can just cook a new potion :slight_smile: #LeatsCook! Where have i heard that before, hehe :thinking:

I can see the reason for no cooldown but misclicking after respecing seems like it would be very uncommon since usally when you respec you know what you want.

The expire timer is causing another problem though. People are building small bases all over the map just for a cauldron and still doing the same thing they did before the expire timer. Respecing every 5 minutes to switch builds, fight in one build, then respec and carry stuff, then respec and farm, then respec and fight etc rather than having to choose what is important to them and what type of character they want.

These small buildings on pve and pve-c especially block off areas for people building and litter the landscape forever. The cooldown timer would prevent them as it would be useless to make them when you could not respec right outside the camp.

Maybe there is a better solution to a cooldown but I dont know what it is, and people are used to this from many games, either cooldown or increasing cost per respec has been the norm for years. The expire timer is not doing what they intend though.

While I personally do like and support the idea of two seperate potions I do not agree to the idea of a cooldown.

First reason:
The already existing cool-down or buffs do not show how much time you have left you just see you are bleeding or you got increased stamina but not for how long. (Please mind I do not refer to food timers or such)

Second reason:
This seems to be more of a PVP problem than it is a PVE one, I mean why should you care whether someone in PVE is respecing every minute?
As a PVE player I do not like the idea of compromising the PVE experience because of PVP reasons.
A previous poster mentioned everyone could use it so it is the same.
Me playing in a small clan I sometimes need to respec because the limited points I can spend. I do not want to wait for my collegue to come in a day or so just to create a crafting station or a different weapon.

Third reason:
The current implementation (with the timer) is sufficient for me. It does not limit PVE players, at least it does not limit me that much except for the wait to cook the potion, nor enables it PVP players to simply respec in an encounter.
Despite the fact that the new encumbrance notification does block out the Encumbrance line so you will have to wait several seconds not to waste more points than you plan to spend to adjust it right.

I do not really like the idea of nerfing something because others, in PVP or wherever, create themselves a unfair advantage while using macros or the likes.
Please do not get this wrong, I was a long time PS3 gamer myself, but maybe if you are too concerned about, let us call it unwanted user-inputs, it might be an option to switch to consoles for competitive play, without having the chance using mods or mouse/keyboard.

Maybe FUNCOM should think about expanding the server settings to split certain things can be totally different between PVE and PVP instead of trying to make both sides happy with the same set of options.

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