Yellow Lotus Potion disappear


All of the potions I had in the chest are gone, so I tried to make more and they just disappear. Someone please test this and confirm if there are any errors. Now they disappear in 1:30 min.


Yes I had a chest full of them and carried 2 for resetting mid journey and they all gone.

I dont like the change but thought it was again due to pvp balance.

When you craft one now you have a minute to drink it?

XD really sucks but I guess its for balance (and I play pve,)

Confirmed. They now are set to expire after 2 minutes. However - this is further complicated by the timer bug, where every in-game clock seemingly loses 20 seconds every 5 seconds.

So enjoy that yellow brew quickly. You only have about 30 seconds after it’s made to choke it down. On the fly respecs will not be possible until this is adjusted.


This is a good change.

No longer can you instant respec on the fly repeatedly.

Should have been this way from the start.

So respec’ing is better when it is limited to being performed right in front of your cauldron, within 30 seconds of making it? Best not get distracted, and not get back over to it in time. I disagree with you SirMang - the ultra tight limitations they have placed on this potion is egregious. If it were to expire within 2 hours, that would seem a little more reasonable.

Or, if yellow lotus potions are so OP, make them a lot more rare, and random or difficult to find in the world. Or slow to respawn.


Yep, timer bug that skips 20 secs every 2 or 3 makes it worse xD and even worse for torches which you have to repair every 2 mins

Just carry a cauldron and ingredients in your pack and you can respec almost anywhere.:grin:

I agree with this decision. Being able to change from a fighting build to an encumbrance build after raiding a base is completely stupid. As far as the above messages about a time glitch that isn’t supposed to be in the game being a reason that it should go back is also unintelligent. It’s a glitch and it makes yellow lotus hard to use at the moment but the time bug will be taken care of and the timer which is supposed to be 2 minutes will be ok again. Just because a glitch is making it inconvenient currently doesn’t mean the change from no expiration to having an expiration wasn’t necessary

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