Bugs: Yellow lotus potion vanish

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [1511 PVE -g-portal.us]

If i create with the aclhemy station the yellow potion. it vanished. if i m waiting with the alchemy station open and pick up. I open/close my inventory and it vanish too.
I have lost this morning a lot of stuff. ressource and other… Fix it soon please.

Countdown timers are broken and skipping time so everything, potions, food etc will vanish/spoil ultra quick.
Complements of the latest patch.:sweat:

ok, do you have an idea when funcom rollback the server or fix this bug?

I found this to be great change for yellow lotus potions. They only last 10 sec.
No more instant stat reset while raiding or running around.

while i think that a short spoiltime may be fine for the yellow-lotus potion, 10s is very short.

There is still a middle way. But we know now all mostly that the decay and spoil-timer has problems right now after this new patch. So i think the timer should remain, but be fixed with all the timer problem.

I don’t know exactly what would be a good time for this potion. But bit longer of course.

Just means we will build alchemy buildings all over the map. That’s what I will do. Ive started making 20 new cauldrons already. I hate building but gotta do what you gotta do to enjoy the grind.

haha, yeah. you do that auto decay will take care of that in no time. I would also like to make fun of the fact that it takes for ever to make the potion!

Have fun with that, haha :rofl:

The new cool down of 2 min is fine, since you can not stack them :slight_smile: 10 sec might be to low but is also a bug :yum:

This is looking like a great adjustment, i’m really happy about this :hugs:

For the macro users, go eat a big black ding dong! (No filter got me this time, haha :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Yup, we are painfully aware. Thanks for the report :slight_smile:

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To be honest, i think you should put it at 10 sec…

It’s almost funny that you have to stand there and wait for it and then quick drink it before it goes bad :yum:

It’s easy to build a t3 2x2 structure with cauldron. Won’t decay as long as I go by once a week. Just more map litter and buildings . Oh well