Yellow potions disappearing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Any/All]

When crafting yellow potions, if you walk away from the cauldron while it’s in the middle of crafting, the materials will be wasted and there will be no potion made.

If you stay and watch the yellow potions being made and then see the potion in the cauldron, but close the cauldron window and check again, the yellow potions will be missing/gone.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Start to craft a yellow potion and walk away.
  2. Start to craft a yellow potion and stay and watch it finish. The potion will show up. Walk away from the cauldron, and then go back, the potion will be gone.

that’s gonna be a problem, our clan has only had them disappear after the new 2 minute timer runs out.

2 mins decaytime,

a panic nerf from funcom to satisfy some yelling pvp players as they repetitively did last years.

They say players could change their setup to easily when carrying yellow potion.
So now you have to stand staring at your couldron inventory for the SLOW crafting.

Or risk forgetting it while doing something in the mean time.

Ofcourse they did NOT chance the crafting time :slight_smile:

On pc we deal with it every day since last patch.


That is a HORRIBLE way to deal with a PvP abused mechanic. My lord, what is Funcom thinking?

  1. How about only being able to use a yellow potion when you’re in 100% shelter?

  2. Having an hour minimum between uses?

… but to put in a 2 minute decay time? So I literally have to stare at the damn cauldron until it’s done and use it immediately. Wow guys. You get paid thousands of dollars a year to come up with the best overall solution to a gaming experience issue. This result is pathetically lazy. I expect wiser decisions in the future.


I agree. I think making it usable only once every hour or once every in game day would be good enough.
I’m sure there are many better ways then a 2 min timer. I use them all the time and i don’t raid players so it’s a shame to make it more irritating for players like me or for pve players and singleplayers.

I am now interested to know what game mode has the larger player base. just curious as most updates seem to favour the broken pvp system.

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The yellow potion thing makes the PvE crowd cringe in disbelief. This is a huge quality of life thing. How about the people that can only come on 3 times a week? This is a huge burden.


meh… I like it. The system was being bogged down with inventory slots on official. I understand SP issues with it,but if there is no one you are worrying about, then what’s 4 or 5 minutes to wait for potion. a majority of people are on pve or pvp, so if this reduces lag and blue screens, so be it. My alpha clan could craft 1000 respects a day, imagine the troll vaults we could have left that clogged the server memory with that.

Also there are 3 types of players now…Noobs who dont know it was different with respec before, veteran players who should be able to plan thier game time by now, and SP players. if you aren’t any of those, then you are just a troll spammer who wants the easy way to mass produce.

I’m the player that has kids, wife, BBQ’s, work and CE classes for credits. Waiting for a potion is mind numbing.

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The best thing about this was that when I logged on after the patch looking for things that’d gone wrong/disappeared and my chest full of yellow potions had gone, I instantly put all the rest of the yellow lotus flowers I had into a cauldron to make 50 new potions, then when I got back to them they’d gone too haha :smile: I thought it was funny anyway, it’s not really a big deal to make one when I need it.

And the take home lesson from this experience is read the PC patch notes and follow the posts in the PC bug section to know what will be coming to the PS4 upon parity patching …

C’mon all reasoning aside, everybody has a point, part from the non sense trolls posters.

devs take a note, they know that its no good, they will fix it, when they have finished their coffeebreak and remenissing bout that Ibiza vacation.(They ordered the extra large Latte)

Make the craft instantly if they really really really need to nerf it.

But Imo: abandon that whole potion nerf, it serves no benefits when you focus on it. Stack it to 10 or 20, craft it normal and lets focus on other issue’s.

The respeccing of the setup will take enough time anyway so what’s the deal of it?

These solutions feel so paniked and mayby test it first FC!

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