Suggestion: Update Yellow Lotus Potion Decay

Problem: the recent parity patch for PS4 (08/21/2018) introduced a two-minute expiration timer to the Yellow Lotus Potion consumable. As most players know, this potion is a core mechanic to the in-game “skills” system, allowing players to re-spec their attributes and feats on demand. However, the new expiration timer no longer allows players to reset their attributes while on-the-go. This can make playing the game unnecessarily frustrating, as it forces players to return to base just to switch builds (no, nobody wants to carry around a cauldron). Additionally, the potion expires so quickly that it cannot even be stored in containers - at worst, it could expire in the cauldron before the player ever sees it! This update has brought much grief to well-rounded players who enjoy engaging in ALL aspects of the game - from PvP/raiding to farming or grinding for materials.

My suggestions are below. Note that they are each thought of as individual solutions to the problem described above.

A) Increase the decay timer to two hours (02:00:00). This would allow players to craft a single yellow lotus potion before leaving their base, and know they have a comfortable period of time to re-spec their attributes before the next time they return to base.
B) Make yellow lotus potions stack-able. Stacks of twenty (20) would be fair, as this is the max stack for most other potions. Increase the decay timer slightly to five or fifteen minutes (00:05:00, 00:15:00). This would allow players to reliably store yellow lotus potions in a freezer, so they do not have to craft a new potion every time they re-spec.
C) Make yellow lotus potions craft-able by hand. Like this, most players will likely carry ten or twenty yellow lotus flowers in their inventory instead of carrying the potion itself. The decay timer can remain at two minutes. Players who wish to re-spec on-the-go will have to wait a minute for the potion to craft, and then will have to consume the potion almost immediately before it expires.

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In my opinion, being able to re-spec should not be as easy. It defeats the purpose of having a specific build in-game. I can see this being abused specially in pvp where in players raid in combat spec, and then when eveything is done and its time to loot, everyone decides to re-spec and do an encumbrance build so its easier to move out.

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Someone suggested a good solution to that: potion would not decay at all, but one should use it RARELY. Maybe once in a server day or maybe even once in a real-time day. You can make a potion at your base and re-spec when and where you need - but not too often. It seems to be fair enough but just more convenient.

It brought it the console up to speed to the PC. That has been like now for a month. It is a okay change. I always carried about 4 of them on me when I went a farming or roaming. Be able to change specs on the fly if I had discovered a base I could double jump into or something.

But it doesn’t matter. The new religion has a potion coming that will wipe attributes and another that will just wipe feats so the yellow lotus potion will become obsolete. I would not be surprised if they gave it a different side effect now.

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