Yellow lotus potion 2 min decay?

Can we please put that decay timer to at least 12hrs or even 6? I carry 1 on me at all times incase I need to change my attributes to match the need at that time.


All of ours are gone that we had made. We need them to last a bit longer

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You can adjust spoil time if you are an admin or playing single player, go into settings and adjust Item Spoil Rate Scale, can’t remember if this has to be higher or lower for items to take longer to spoil.

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The issue with adjusting the spoil rate is that it is a universal spoil rate timer. Increasing this increases the time it takes for food to spoil, making it take longer to get spoiled meat to use in making soil for your “farm” if you have one.

This is for a official server. Sorry should have said that but that might help others.


build alchemy buildings everywhere. don’t put a door on them and leave tons of lotus flowers in the chest. Us players can make the lotus work how and when we want. I have started building them everywhere near farming locations and I will start putting them near all the dungeons. Have other clans do the same thing. its a stupid nerf with the intent of satisfying the complainers

I found my nerf until they fix it or don’t fix it. I just carry a cauldron and flowers with me :wink: .


true they don’t weight that much

omg, lol

so good!

Agreed…I and my clan of 5 despise this change.

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