Increase max feat points by 600. Fragments of power too low

Ten per Fragment of power too low. I tested this on offline single player. Fragments of power are a pain in the booty to get. You have to use over 100 Fragments of power to get all feats.

Max feat points needed if your finding all religions 1510.

Max feat points having to unlock all religions with feats points is 1810.

My idea is to increase max feat points by 600. You’ll be under max feat points. You’ll still have to use 40+ Fragment of power. But under 100+ Fragments of power.

My idea of adding 600 more skill points adds to the game.

You can be a clan of one and not be underpowered. My idea evens the playing field. My idea balances PVP a bit. My idea doesn’t hurt PVE,Offline single player or Online Co-op. My idea offers more roleplaying.

Who knows how much feats are going to be added. We need more feat points.

-10 for this


I guess you know my stance on this already, but here it is anyway:

No, I already think the added points from the fragments are too much. In a survival sandbox players should be starved for skill/feat points, they shouldn’t be given away like candy.


Have you solo the bosses whom drop 1 fragment of power per World boss fight? I have.

Feat points aren’t stat points. Remember max skill point needed is 1510 by finding all religions. The development team adding in more feats. More feats deserve more skill points.

10 isn’t fine we get 1 Fragment of power per World boss. I’m asking for 600 more skill points. This idea helps everyone. In the end it balance the game while not hurting anyone.

I have soloed the bosses. They’re not terribly difficult, just somewhat tedious. Bring a good combat thrall with you and he/she’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you. I bring 6 or 7 fragments out of the City on my normal run (Skeletal serpentman, Red Mama, white bat, two Skeletor guys, then Red Mama and serpentman again unless I’m getting thirsty or bored) that takes something like one hour.

No, the rate isn’t too low, considering those fragments are a 100 % drop. No need to fight a futile battle against the RNG.


6 per hour. Are you using the star metal armor? Is god mode on you? What your weapon? What your healing items?

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I rather we be able to learn all. This would make things easier for new players. The fragments of power are too valuable for common consumption. We can afford to give out 600 free skill points. If the development team keeps adding feats we might need more. We have less than 500 feats points as of now. Eating 100 fragments of power a waste. My idea cuts it down to 40+ Fragments of power need to max.

I’m using Flawless Epic light armor. Akbitanan Blades on the dragon and bat, Bane of Khosatral Khel on the rest. My Relic Hunter Captain wears full Flawless Epic Hyperborean and wields a Dragonbone greatsword. I have a Lifeblood Spear for healing, with Aloe soup for emergencies. Damage modifiers on my single-player are 1X damage dealt/taken for player, 0.5X damage dealt/1X damage taken for NPCs, so I take less damage (although I mostly dodge instead of face-tanking, I have a max Grit build) but kill the bad guys at a normal rate. No mods were used for drop rates, I haven’t touched the admin panel, all is fair game.

And I don’t think I’m even particularly good at this game. I’ve got brains, and I use them regularly, so I tend to figure out good ways to do things quickly, but when it comes to trading blows I have slow reflexes and poor hand-eye coordination.

The Fragments are level 60 stuff, so I don’t feel particularly bad about using level 60 equipment and thrall for collecting them.


I’m trying to reduce the power gap between small clans and large clans. My idea weakens big clans power.

Okay, I can see some merit in that argument. Big clans can afford to have specialists who can build and craft things for the whole clan while still having plenty of people roaming the lands murdering smaller clans. smaller clans cannot afford such specialists, they need to learn to do everything.

But, as long as using weapons, armor, altars etc. doesn’t require you to have the feat, it doesn’t actually matter how many people in a clan can unlock the stuff - unless you’re playing solo, you can still unlock everything you’re likely to ever need between two people. Small clans are weaker because they don’t have the manpower to craft, explore and fight at the same time, and no amount of feat points will change that balance.

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Giving more free feats points offers smaller clans and solo players a way for them to at least be equal in different types crafting. You can’t repair a weapon or armor to full health without knowing the feat.

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They added a way for us to earn more feat points. Its easy, repeatable, its enough.

Grab yourself a Treasure Seeker thrall from the Undead City or from the volcano. They have 4.5-7k hp.

Equip them in epic flawless gear, with the best weapon you have available.

Then go clean house.

There are eight bosses, and at least 4 chest you can directly loot for Fragments. Every run. Every day. Do one run a day for a week, and you have almost all feats learned.

Online will be slower because of competition, but you can offer up a trade for Fragments, 10,000 hardened bricks for 10 or 20 fragments would prolly get you a deal pretty quick. Maybe you have alot of gold, steel, or good quality thralls.

These Fragments are perfect as is. Not too hard, not to easy, requires a little work, but you can see your progress.

P.s. I would have supported more feat points prior to fragments, but they gave us more feat points with no limit. Its great!


You need to consume 100+ Fragments of power to get 1000 skill points. My idea reduce the amount needed. Fragment of power makes Fragment of power weapons. Fragment of power weapons needs fragment of power and other resource to repair it.

I mean feats. Most games call them skill points.

The weapons made by Fragments of power do need a fragment of power to repair it.

I’m having a hard time believing there is some altruistic motivation behind this request given the OP’s history of selfish responses any time someone suggests reprising the physical/pre-order rewards for others. :angry:

IMO the current system is fine. With the powerful thralls and new weapons, it’s ridiculously easy to farm an impressive cache of fragments in a short time — I see no point in shortening the endgame even further. We already have 3 different types of respec potions so it’s not like people are getting locked out of options. Better to lobby for a more selective type of respec potion than demanding to have all the options in the game delivered without having to work for them. There’s already single-player + god mode for that.

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So far i find farming those fragments points way too easy. They basically just gave us free upgrades. Just so we don’t have to use the reset potion anymore. Those bosses are easy to kill and for those who doesn’t want to bother fighting them they even gave us the option to just walk around and pick some for free without any challenge to it. If anything they would need to make them a bit harder to get.


Please stop with this false narrative of imbalance. Large clans in conflict/pvp (which is where imbalance really matters) do not need more feat points. I have been in them, we concentrate on armor meta’s, tnt, and that is about it. No decor, no non essential building recipes. Weapons are handled for efficiency thru legendary drops, dragon bone, and now the unnamed city. If a large clan is not doing those things on conflict / pvp, then they don’t really pose a threat, as they are more than likely docile, thus imbalance is not an issue, as there is no combative competition between them and the solo.

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Selfish to not want to ruin preorder. Preorder is preorder. Giving away preorder weakens the reason for preordering in the first. Did you know thanks to preorder funcom was able to make another game . This game preorder help recover the cost of the entire game in the first week of release. So yeah we deserve to keep our reward.

I find it selfish you don’t want solos or small clans to get help. Whom benefits from things staying the same? Big Alpha Clans.

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Don’t bs us. Most large PVP clans go out looking for weak and smaller clans to raid. My idea gives the solos and smaller clans a chance.

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