Fragments of Power (Awesome! Give the guy a raise!)

To say I am happy about these, is a small understatment.

But lets kill two birds with one stone?

How about adding a small amount to a character’s maximum decay time.

There could be a cap, but this could be a way to allow veteran players with large bases they want to preserve to have a little extra cushion for their home sweet home.

Months of hard work/grinding deserve to have a little extra protection, I think this could be a very suitable solution to the decay timer “issue”.

Please consider adding decay time to “Fragments of Power”, in some form or another.

Maybe add “Ancient Fragments of Power” - Ones that add to decay time instead of feat points.

Maybe have a Fragment of Power add to both?

Do an “And/Or” thing, where a player can choose between the two? (Or just have a Fragment of Power give a little to both) +Points and +Duration.

Either way, I am happy with additional feat points. I am willing to grind for them. I think this is a wonderful addition to the game.

Please consider taking advantage of this new mechanic, and using it to solve other issues (as you see fit).

Thanks again!

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