Alternative fix for Decay timer

Hi all.

I recently replied to the Decay Timer on Official Servers - POLL - YOUR VOTE NOW after reading the comments and pondered on a new idea I had for the issue.

Because of concerns with decay timer being too long on PVP yet not long enough for PVE I was wondering about the possibility to add a new workbench similar to the Thrall feeding pot concept.

It could be a builders workbench that like the feeding pot, would allow for decay to be lengthened a certain radius around it after filling it with rock, wood, iron reinforcements etc.
It would mean that for large builds that the players want to keep safe from decay, all they would need to do is build this workbench and then farm the materials. The more materials added the longer the decay will last etc.

Its not a perfect idea and is bound to have some flaws and extra grinding, but at least it would mean the decay timer does not need adjusting and for small one time use buildings the decay would happen as normal keeping servers from filling up with buildings that are abandoned.

I feel its a safe and relatively interesting way to make our decays last longer for those who wish or know they will be on holiday etc for more than a week. It also allows for each player to decide themselves how long their decay can last for.
It would need a limit to it though like maybe if full of mats then the longest it will last is 2 week or something like that to make sure the builds wont last forever on PVP once abandoned etc.

Please tell me your thoughts as I would love to hear any other ideas that might be better then adjusting the decay timer.

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