NY E17 down, by STFU

Thanks for watching, and enjoy !

Builds / gear used

Note: we worked with what we had, the below list does not mean the mentioned items and setups are the best, everything is subject to change.



3 evade and 3 defense red 20 4 pip glyphs
1 red 20 3 pip and 1 red 1 3 pip accurate glyphs
no new talismans or signets yet
Theck was using the TSAR-914 shotgun (please Funcom, buff this weapon!), alongside the Enigmatic Apparatus
Tomeee was using the Frost-Bound shotgun, alongside the Enigmatic Apparatus.
Agents: Jeronimo Montejo, Christina Del Rio, Faction Recruit


Actives: Scattershot, Rocket Pod, Reinforce Shells, Kneecapper, Sonic Blast, Invoke Self, Unification Susceptibility Module
Passives: Reinforced Rockets, Resupply, Stand Firm, All Eyes On Me, Deflecting Anima



Full red 70 4 pip talismans
fist signets (most important one is the finger)
5 crit 4 pip and 3 crit power glyphs (can be 3 pip)
Bladed gauntlets of Alacrity (the affix is very important for filth management)
Levsky has been using the Anima Jet for additional source of burst healing, while BeforeEve was using The Osmium Configuration in order to be able to be immune to knockback effects from fistwaves.
Agents: % healing for basics agents, then other % healing agents


Actives: Nurture, Renewal, Invigorating Wrath, Regeneration, Cleanup, Opening Shot
Passives: Wild nature, Serenity, Natural Remedy (not sure about the others)



4 crit 4 pip glyphs, 2 crit power 4 pip glyphs, same accurate glyphs as for tanks.
Agents: New Daw 7% agent for the primary weapon, The Cleaner, Francis Rowan
Rifle: Auxiliary Loader or High-Yield Launcher (MIRV is unfortunately bugged on the Unutterable Lurker specifically, otherwise it would have been the best pick). However, half of our team was still using the KSR-43. Until we finish off grinding the better options above.
Possible secondary weapons: Orochi Thermal Capacitor / Voltaic Shunt / Pneumatic Maul / SPES-C221, and even some others

Builds and raid composition

We use at least 4 rifle DPS with High Explosive Grenade for the “press button to delete pods and golems” role, as well as good single target DPS.

The 5th DPS was also rifle on this session, but with a shotgun offhand and carrying Bombardment for Exposed needs, this slot can be filled with any DPS carrying enough Exposed. Hammer DPS with Rampage and Eruption, or pistols DPS with Trick Shot and Kill Blind are otherwise our usual picks.

I was the 6th DPS with rifle / Frozen Figurine and Blizzard for reliable passive AoE and Debilitated needs (tanks also use the Bracer of Horus to extend the duration when needed), standing in Alex’s circle and placing Filth alongside the healers.


Is this the first time you beat it on live? I like the different POVs

Thanks, and yes, since the raid just got released with this rebalance patch, this is the world first for this difficulty on live.

I think the World Aquaforce Night Krew downed it on sunday actually :v:


Oh yeah crabs, but they don’t count, they down everything before it even exists. Can’t challenge them.


Hello all!

We’ve decided to attempt a “0 rifle DPS challenge” for NY E17, for the purpose of variety of gameplay and mainly to see how feasable it is.

The DPS raid composition is as follows:

  • 2 pistols DPS
  • 2 blood DPS
  • 1 hammer DPS
  • 1 chaos DPS

Due to 7 people out of 10 playing pretty much a brand new role / build, the down is extremely messy, with bad filths around, melee NPC being very late several times, non optimal DPS uptimes, etc… We managed to get the kill in 9:37 anyway. We never felt any lack of DPS, most of the training and wipes were due to the mentioned reasons above. With that said, we can definitely state that the HP of the E17 Lurker’s are correctly balanced and the whole encounter is doable with any weapon combinations (provided, not having High Explosive Grenade and Burst Fires to unpod and nuke golems is a huge difference obviously).

Finally, for anyone curious, i’m playing a minmaxed chaos DPS build with the Irregularity Architect. The mechanic used is the Singularity spam, and due to the Lurker’s gigantic hitbox, if you stay very close to it, 100% of your Singularities would hit it. This is theoretically the #1 single target DPS build in the raid now (reference: at the end of Phase 1, after 2 min, the build is at 40 to 43k dps), and i’m very happy to see chaos shining in at least one niche.


What are Singularities? I keep seeing someone in MB’s using Chaos with high DPS in ACT, and I shared it with a friend who also uses Chaos. Wasn’t sure what Singularities were. How do you get the most use out of them?

Singularities are one of the Controlled Chaos effects when you reach 8 paradoxes, the other one being doppelgangers. You spawn singularities around you, that means you need to position yourself inside the hitbox of your enemy by dodging in it if you want most of them to hit the target. Irregularity Architect should indeed also be top dps on megabosses due to their hitboxes being big.


Here’s a positioning example.


So the singularities are the circles? I was going to ask earlier because I haven’t been able to get on the game, but I see them often when I play.

Yep, the circles. The problem is that they spawn around the player, which means they can spawn behind (can notice that in the video). With small enemies, you won’t be able to make them all hit the target, which makes the Architect quite niche and basically only good for huge targets. Also, any movement (such as Machine Tyrant) would obviously disrupt your DPS heavily since you have time for a coffee before Singularities end up exploding.


Thank you. This was very helpful.

Aight, back to business!

Our fastest kill so far is in 6:49 with only 1 healer. Here we go!


Here we go again!

My PoV (rifle support DPS from Alex circle)

Theck’s PoV (tank)

I have to admit i’m almost ashamed by how messy this kill is, and am ready to say that it was totally not deserved at all considering everything that went bad. Not that i’d like to look up for excuses, but here’s the deal: it took us somewhere around 2h to 2h30 total (in a span of 2 sessions) of tries to beat this one, and objectively speaking, this is very short and doesn’t really give anyone time to get accustomed to their new role / assignments, but the boss just dies anyway… Shows that the E17 NY raid is fairly accessible at the end, so i’d advise any new cabals / groups that would like to start working on it just go ahead and have fun !

Ok back to business now: this is a 2 tank 8 DPS challenge, no healers at all. We used 2 shotgun tanks with green shells + Effigy 033 Reconstructor gadget in order to sustain all the damage.

Trick is: the incoming damage was manageable if we exclude the dot damage from Infecting Thoughts, which is a new mechanic in NY E17: the Lurker puts a dot on 3 closest people to it roughly every 20s that deals filth damage over time, around 10-12k total over ~7 seconds. Since it is filth damage, it is not glanceable, not evadable and not mitigatable by protection, so this actually was too much additional damage on tanks.

Solution: we put 3 rifle DPS in melee range hugging the boss by the Mei Ling’s buff circle that soaked the Infecting Thoughts. Their duty was to rush in melee right after a Personal Space & to stay there as much as possible, while the tanks were staying on the black grate behind Mei’Ling (watch Theck’s PoV).

Now, about the raid damage & Infecting Thoughts: every DPS was a rifle DPS and was using Anima-Tipped Bullets passive.

Just by reading the passive’s tooltip, you can probably guess that it is broken: this is the strongest weapon-specific healing passive right now because it is uncapped and scales directly on the player’s DPS. For example, throwing a High Explosive Grenade with this passive equipped could pretty much put you instantly from 10% life left back to full life.

Since this was just supposed to be a “0 healers” challenge, and we obviously had more than enough raid DPS, we went with extra safety: 5 allocation for everyone, 10 allocation for rifle DPS that were in melee soaking the dot, as well as Cruel Delight (for melees only, again). Regarding the rest of the raid damage to manage, notably the damage from Personal Space, this damage is already non lethal on a 100 AA DPS, the only thing to do is to shoot the Lurker with Anima-Tipped Bullets from a buff circle like even once while running away from a Personal Space, which would be more than enough to heal back to full.

Finally, potions were of course liberally chugged here & there by tanks & pretty much everyone else.

At the end, i don’t think the sustain tanking tools are any broken right now: sustain tanking this is kind of still random and subject to glance / evade RNG, and it requires a lot more focus from the tanks than usually. Moreover, removing healers from the composition actually had other unintended consequences as you can see in the videos: filth placement issues in Phase 3. Since healers in our raids also carry Opening Shot and all the cleanses, this is yet another DPS loss. Also, when healers are in the composition, we usually go with a shotgun tank with blue shells in order to expose, so here’s another DPS loss with me having to take Bombardment instead of a real DPS elite, and alongside it, the Combat Reload passive (since Opening Shot was also part of my build).

This is how bad the raid DPS was (the below parse is a single target Lurker DPS parse only, no adds / pods or anything else, but still). The raw DPS with 8 DPS in the raid was obviously more than fine in Phase 1, but Phase’s 3 problems & panic made us lose too much DPS.

What IS clearly broken however is Anima-Tipped Bullets. Its potential HPS at full gear is uncapped and can be totally out of control, and i’m expecting it to receive the same treatment as all the other weapon healing passives: get a cap on healing received.

Finally, based on everything that i’ve said, we’re not going to do this ever again, this is 100% not a practical or advisable NY E17 raid composition at all, and sustain tanking is at this point more of a meme than a real thing, a meme that we just decided to push far enough to test the limits of the game, yet again.


Good show!

Completely forgot to post it here. Little 7m NY E17 completion!


This is not an E17, but i’d just add this here real quick anyway.


Bravo !

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Thank you Manga !

A little bit of trivia maybe for those interested, and because i’m currently bored and feel like just sharing some stuff here is fun.

This challenge took us 2 sessions (one and a half mostly). During the first tries, we were attempting the challenge in a more “classic” way - Tipsu & Tome were waking up Alex & Rose NPCs themselves. Until we performed a decent try… we wiped when the boss was around 23% (so, after the 3rd Personal Space), and we noticed that we had like only 20 to 30 seconds left on the enrage timer.

This is where we figured out we needed to change our tactics and get greedy to beat the DPS check.

First of all, we were always using wings in Phase 1 to unpod the first pod AND to damage the Lurker. Phase 1 is a biggest drain on the enrage timer, and without even saying that getting a 4th pod would have been an issue, but just having an extra fist cast and whatnot in Phase 1 is already like 10 seconds down the drain. In terms of value, a tank using a pair of wings with Overwhelming Power which instagibs a pod AND damage the Lurker is basically 600k direct damage on the Lurker + 150k dot damage on the Lurker + 400k damage on the pod (pods in E10 have around 400k life afaik). That’s basically 1.15 million damage dealt that doesn’t have to be dealt by DPS in Phase 1, and that’s huge. For anyone following our NY raid videos, you might have already seen this kind of thing, it is now pretty common for us to use wings in Phase 1 for DPS-heavy challenges. On this try though (the one from the video), none of the tanks had wings up, so we went with Tipsu using wings, without Overwhelming Power, but still worth it.

Anyway, when it came to waking up NPCs, we figured out some timings and basically went out with me waking up the majority of the NPCs. In terms of NPCs, the priority was Alex, since the filth placer needs to be outside, and it happens to be a DPS (not a healer as usually). After PS1, the timings were lining up perfectly so i was not tanking the Lurker anymore and i was able to wake up Alex instantly, followed up by Rose before i had to provoke. You likely noticed i also ended up getting a filth while waking up Rose there, but we had no choice and i just finished the cast. On PS2 and PS3, it was more efficient to let Tome wake up Alex, and i was waking up Rose or Mei’Ling. On PS3, since Rose would be too far away (for me, as a tank, that is, i couldn’t go too far away since i had to eventually provoke the boss so the second tank doesn’t die), we opted for Mei’Ling as a replacement.

Regarding DPS, well, we had to be very greedy and basically always DPS the Lurker outside pods (keeping High Explosive Grenades for pods). Regarding golems, we had decided to basically ignore them and kill them passively, which allowed us to get some extra Egon Pendant bonuses from adds staying alive for longer.

Finally, we also went ahead and made Vortex1 (as a tank) add Opening Shot, while i already had Cleanup myself as the second tank. I also was tanking with blue shells and the Howling Dog shotgun to fully expose the Lurker and expose pods, and Vortex1 was hammer tanking, hence, fully debilitating the Lurker with the signature and Raging Volcano (debilitating the Lurker allows pods to deal less damage when they eat someone, debilitating the pods themselves also reduces the damage even further actually, which is pretty fun by itself). Tipsu & Tomeee were using Anima-Tipped bullets to sustain themselves, with the rest being the usual full DPS rifle builds.

That’s the main gist of it ! We ended up with 56s left on the enrage timer with these changes, which is pretty bloody insane.