NYR E10 (17) guide

This is a general guide that will cover all the events and triggers that happen during E10 (and additionally E17) New York Raid and what to do about them.

New York Raid has a maximum duration of 10 minutes (failing to kill the Lurker under that time will result in a force wipe) that is split in 3 phases:

  1. From the start of the raid until the first Shadow Out of Time (cast at 75% HP remaining on the lurker)
  2. Between Shadow out of Time and the killing of 3rd Bird of Zero Point Pathogen
  3. Between Back Hulk spawn and The Lurker activating again and Lurker / the raid dying.

Each phase will have additional mechanics for the players to deal with which I will detail in the order they appear.

Raid composition for E10 is:

1 Healer
2 Tanks

E17 is instead 2 Healers and 6 DPS.

Prior to the raid start roles will be defined and NPC pickups will be assigned to 2 (Rose and Mei Ling (3 in case of E17, + Zuberi) people. Pick up roles define who will have to reenable NPC buffs in a way that will be described down below, they can be assigned to DPS (and to a healer in E10 as well). DPS will also have to decide which buff circle they will stand in during Phase 3, either Rose (orange) or Mei Ling (yellow), which one you will stand in will depend on the reach of your weapon.

In E10 Healer will be placed in a group with both tanks and one of the DPS in another group will have to equip Clean Up / Opening shot to cleanse root cast before Pod attack as well as buff the group DPS. In E17 each group runs dedicated healer to do both of those things. E10 will also have 1 DPS assigned to go off the grate in case active healer gets a pod target to prevent personal from triggering (further details below).

Raid Caller is a coordinator role whose job is to control the damage output of the raid to prevent mechanic stacking and issue mechanic warnings about things such as AoE triggers and pod targets. Caller commands override general directions of this guide.

Raid Progression (see map below for visual detail)

Phase 1:

This phase starts with the Tank running in and pulling aggro on the Lurker as well as DPS running to the grate as fast as possible (red line). If one of the DPS gets targeted by a filth drop the ideal place to leave it is under lurkers right armpit (red circle). Care must be taken not to overstep and run into persistent filth pool that will immediately kill you. If you are prone to lagging and get a filth pool a safe option is to turn around and drop it in the middle of the walkway, or you can start further away and drop filth off to the side. (yellow line)

During first phase all DPS must remain on the grate in front of the Lurker at all times, save for when they are targeted by a Pod cast (will show up as a red crosshair above target’s head). If you are the pod target your job is to get off the grate and away from other players but still be in reach of their weapons so that they can damage the pod and free you promptly (ideal place for being podded is shown with yellow star). If you are not a pod target, then your job is to either free the pod target if you are able to reach the pod with your weapon without leaving the grate or to keep damaging the boss if you are unable to damage the pod. If pod target is the healer then a designated DPS will leave the grate until healer is unpodded and can resume placing filth (in E10 only). Only players are targeted by the pod in phase 1.

Pods that trap players and NPCs will eventually start an ability cast that, if not interrupted, will heal the pod to full. This cast will usually be interrupted with a random CC effect from one of 6 DPS players, but if the dps is low and it takes a long time to kill the pod a situation is possible where excessive amount of CC effects stacked on the pod (3 cc effects in a row) will cause it to gain temporary CC immunity and you will lose the ability to interrupt the cast. Focusing the pod to deal with it as soon as possible is advised.

Phase 2:

Phase 2 will start with Lurker casting Shadow out of Time and becoming untargetable. DPS should make haste to safety as being caught out by the shadow will most likely result in being one shot. Hiding behind one of the 3 rubble piles in the back of the zone will shield you from the damage. Do not hide behind side rubble piles (yellow hexagons) as they get covered in filth immediately after phase change.(E17 difference: Casting Shadow out of Time now also applies slow that must be cleansed by a healer and temporary filth AoEs to everyone so it is necessary to spread out and avoid grouping too many people together as it will lead to excessive AoE stacking and damage)

After the Shadow passes Hulks and some minor adds will spawn in locations noted on the map as H1-3 and after a brief delay a bird will land in spot noted as B1-3. They will be tanked by each tank separately. (E17 difference: Hulks are now immune to crowd control) DPS priority is to kill the Hulk first, then small adds that will be usually grouped up on the healer and only after clearing everything a bird should be focused down. Killing the bird will trigger another Shadow out of time cast and move all the spawn one number up, so that second hulk spawns in H2 spot, bird in B2 spot, et cetera. This will repeat two times. After third Shadow out of time, Phase 3 begins.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 starts with the Hulk spawning in H1 spot. The Hulk will be grabbed by the tank and must be dpsed down as fast as possible (as well as minor adds surrounding it). When running back a DPS might get a filth drop cast on them. It is imperative that hiding places behind the rubble piles (yellow hexagons) on the left and right, as well as the grate itself remain as free of the filth as possible, if you get a filth drop AoE on you while running back in at any point during this phase dropping in as far away from those places is recommended. If unsure of where to go, middle lamp post (yellow star) is always a safe option if it’s available.

Once you have made it to the grate, you should take a place in your buff circle and dps the lurker. (avoiding fist aoe).

Once the Lurker goes down to 67% hp it will trigger a large AoE attack “Personal Space” (blue circle) that you have to get out of as quickly as possible. Once the AoE lands it will send the NPCs flying back and will disable their buffs, dedicated players will then have to walk up to downed NPCs (indicated with first name letter + number, i.e. R1 for Rose 1st location) and use them to pick them up and reenable their buffs. (*E17 difference: Zuberi enables the rest of the NPCs’ buffs so his pickup is a priority) If you’re not assigned to picking up any NPC your job is to return to the grate as soon as possible and resume damaging the boss.

Intermittently the Lurker will cast Shadow out of Time again, during which you should run out and hide in a hiding spot behind one of the rubble piles on the side (yellow hexagons) until it passes. It will not affect the NPCs. Shadow out of time causes a Hulk to spawn in one of the Hulk spawning places, make it’s way towards one of the players (usually the healer) and be intercepted by one of the tanks. DPS priority is to kill the Hulk.

Intermittently the Lurker will cast a pod on one of the players (proceed the same as in phase 1) as well as on one of the NPCs (either Alex, Mei Ling or Rose). You have to listen to the Caller and immediately move away from the NPC being targeted by a pod. Unpodding priority is Player>NPC. Alex is neither unpodded nor picked up.

When moving away from a podded NPC be aware of the fist AOE, a situation is possible wherein Mei Ling becomes a pod target blocking half of the grate and fist coming down on the other side of the grate essentially making entire grate a kill zone. Options in this situation are to either move all the way to the left and jump on the rubble pile in front of the safe zone to avoid the fist or move and stand slightly in front of the fist when it lands for a brief moment before quickly returning to the grate once the danger passes.

At 45% hp and 25% hp the Lurker will repeat “Personal Space” casts (see above). They will be called out by the Caller.

When the lurker will reach 5% hp it will trigger a Special “Final Resort” attack that starts a final dps race. Final Resort is an AoE attack similar to Personal Space. In addition, everyone will get 40 stacks of “Whispers of Darkness” applied to them and will have to kill the lurker before the stacks run out to prevent a full wipe. Once you have stacks applied to you you no longer have to hide from the “Shadow out of Time” if Lurker casts it.

Overview of the raid zone:


Red Line - Suggested run in path
Yellow Line - Alternative run in path
Red Circle - Ideal filth drop placing
Yellow Circle - Mei Ling buff
Orange Circle - Rose Buff
Yellow star - Ideal podding place / backup filth drop place
A,M,Z,R(1,2.3) Positioning of Alex, Mei Ling, Rose and Zuberi after first, second and third personal space respectively
H1-3 - Hulk spawn locations and their order (they will keep spawning in them in that order after each shadow out of time, it’s not limited to just 3 hulks, but repeats in 1-2-3-1 fashion
B-1-3 as above, but for birds, birds are limited to 3 spawns total

Original image credit: Rifla
Colourful mess: Me.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhJizC8HtJ0 - DPS perspective on e17 raid clear, shows all the mechanics of e10 as well, video by Ceruleana
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrmchezqEbg - two and a half hour long video that goes into great detail about e10 raid mechanics. Does not mention e17 raid as it was filmed prior to it being introduced but still a great resource.

Helpful mod to display various things like pod targets, ability cast timers and much more, made by Theck

If you have any additions, notes or comments, leave them below.


How to tank in raid.

I’m not writing it in a separate guide because it’s not really it’s own thing, there are just a couple of additional things to be aware of as a tank, and I have detailed an example rotation of abilities for hammer in it’s own guide, so I’ll just give a general overview of what tanking the raid entails.

Raid has two tanks as a consequence of needing to swap aggro to avoid instant death when the stack counter on active tank reaches 0. The first tank will then have to pull aggro back from the second tank to prevent them from dying. Before the raid one of the tanks will be assigned to tanking birds and the other one will tank hulks during second phase.

Aggro swapped is done via any kind of taunt. Ideal count to swap stacks is as low as you can get to minimize damage overlap (the later you taunt the less time you both spend taking damage at once), but if you taunt too late the tank will get immediately one shot and the raid will wipe. I recommend starting to learn swapping at 10 stacks and gradually reducing it to 5 as proficiency is built.

Keep an eye on the other tank’s stack counter at all times. This is done via selecting them as defensive target (with default UI)

First phase is the simplest part of the raid, you just hold aggro on the lurker, trading stacks with your partner as they are getting low and rotating your cooldowns while you have stacks. The only thing to pay special attention to here is that there’s a long period of Lurker being untargetable and untauntable before the cast of Shadow Out of Time and if the other tank’s stacks run out during this time they will get one shot. It is therefore recommended to taunt at around 20-15 stacks if the phase change and Shadow cast are imminent.

Second phase will begin with you hiding behind the pile from the shadow and then proceeding to your tanking target spawn location. Hulk tank must be more prompt here as Hulk spawns first and has to be aggroed as soon as possible whereas bird tank usually has time to make a cocktail and lounge relaxedly or do a dance emote before the bird lands. Repeat twice. Birds have a cone aoe, and therefore must be faced away from the group. Hulks have circle aoe around them and random target circle aoes that they place on whoever they feel like. Both of those aoes deal massive damage and standing in them is not recommended, using a cooldown is necessary if you are about to be caught by any of those.

Third phase is the most complicated phase. Bird tank will go to the lurker and must taunt it as soon as possible to prevent aggro bounce to hulk tank that is currently engaged with the hulk in the back (refer to main guide description of this phase). Lurker is initially untargetable and while there is a safe area to get to it through filth beforehand, doing so is not required. You have ample time after the filth clears and the passage to the grate is completely safe to walk up to the Lurker and taunt it as it does it’s coming down animation. Do not risk walking over filth and taking massive damage if you don’t know how to do it.

Things to be aware of in third phase:

  1. If you have stacks during Shadow out of time cast, you don’t have to hide from it. If current active tank has around 12-15 stacks during the start of the Shadow cast, they may remain on the grate, and the offtank may pull early so that they will gain stacks (and shadow immunity) as well.

  2. Be aware of the HP% threshold for Personal space casts. If you rely on limited range taunt to pull aggro, such as Sonic Blast or Raging Volcano you will have to pull early in case active tank has 20-15 or less stacks before personal as you will not be able to reach the lurker with a taunt to grab aggro without the risk of instant annihilation, and missing the taunt leads to instant raid wipe. Having ranged taunt such as Evulsion of Manticore agitator gadget allows you to pull from a safe location of standing on top of the rubble pile in front of the left safe zone (yellow hexagon)

  3. Be aware of the hulk spawns after each shadow out of time cast. Hulk is grabbed by the tank that currently has stacks. The tank that doesn’t have stacks must remain on the grate to pull the lurker aggro to prevent instant death of current tank. If you are running out to grab the hulk as tank, do not go too far off the grate as you have limited time before you have to taunt and the healer must be aware enough to bring the hulk closer to you. If they are running away from you with the hulk trailing them, let them get kicked in the face. To pull the hulk ideally you would use your signature ability, however using a taunt (that is not raging volcano) is also possible given that the other tank currently has 35+ stacks.

When running be aware of the filth waves that come out of the fist behind you. Being knocked down by them will not immediately kill you but will make going back and taunting the lurker in time very hard as knockdown lasts for 5 seconds