E10 NY raid - 4 manned!


This challenge is now the pinnacle of the game, and the NY E10 challenge with the least possible people in.

On this take, i’ve got discord included in Phase 3.


Here is the second PoV, from Shalrys:





Faction Recruit, Jeronimo de Montejo, Thomas Grady

Allocation: 100% survival.

First of all, the main idea was to use Reconstituting Shell’s passive to give protection buffs to the player who gets podded each time, in addition to the healing. This is the main tool that allowed us to be able to unpod the player without him dying.

The other goal was to get 100% uptime on Exposed from Bombardment on 1 of the tanks, and Cleanup for pod casts on the other tank, this is what covered all the required utilities.

For passives, Forged in Fire ended up having more potential than Unbridled Wrath’s 5% extra HP. It allowed to have extra 25% max life regen on each tanking cycle, which in turn allowed to consistently be able to keep Reconstituting Shells to heal the podded person.




Mesilande Gwinyai, Faction Quartermaster, Oleg Yablokov (Lurker having no category, Francis Rowan was unfortunately not an option).

Here, one Blizzard with the passive allowed to lockdown colossi in phase 3, while the other DD was able to occasionally get more burst with High Explosive Grenade instead. Moreover, Blizzard and HEG do not share Crowd Control diminishing returns since roots and stuns belong to different categories. This fact allowed us to ensure full duration on CCs from Blizzard and HEG. HEG also allowed me to instantly depod Shalrys on several tries in P3 on a crit, which unfortunately never happened during the final try.

We were supposed to greed out insane amounts of damage, so we started to use Emergency Loader by taking a tick of damage from big filth pools. That brought us to accidental wipes during P1 when we were not full life while getting podded, for instance, so this is why i did not go 100% try-hard on that at the end, even if i know i should have gone for it. In P3, i’ve also got pretty unlucky since the majority of heals from Reconstituting Shells ended up being crits, putting me at full life.

Miscellaneous facts

  • According to Shalrys, the second golem’s autoattack on him during P3 was actually not an evade, but an interrupted hit, oddly enough. In any case, we got very lucky on that one.

  • Our second best try lasted for 9min10s and the boss was at ~6.8M HP, so it clearly showed us that we were behind on the damage - this is when we decided to switch to Emergency Loader + Signet of Laceration, and to burn the boss before the 2nd Personal Space in order to trigger it right after the Shadow. After that, the hardest part of the whole fight to overcome was the incoming golem + pod to manage without buff circles, and NPCs to wake up. No surprise that the kill of the boss happened the first time we passed this hard timing with success.

  • The pods were always rotating between me and Shalrys, so we were able to anticipate our tactics. This fact actually made it easier to manage pods compared to our 5m kill.

  • With filth greed in P1, we occasionally were stealing aggro from tanks, in either P1 or at the very beginning of P3 (P3’s aggro table on the Lurker was retained from P1).

  • The tanks tried to play with Smash instead of Ground Pound at some point for convenience - less double stack risks because it generates 5 times less aggro than Ground Pound, and more rage. We ended up choosing to take back Ground Pound due to the above mentioned aggro issues.

  • Reconstituting Shell’s passive giving protection stacks gives 3 stacks on use, but can go up to 6 with a second usage, giving a total of ~24k protection to tanks and ~12k to DDs. However, the additional stacks do not refresh the timer, and the stacks fade all at once once the duration reaches 0.


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Thanks for posting your challenge videos and strats, always enjoy watching them!

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