Tank commander - maxed IP melee PoV

Hello everyone!

I’ve managed to get a kill of the Tank Commander as melee DPS, the highlight can be seen here, done on stream:

Screenshot of the parse:

To summarize:

  • 80/20 allocation (90/10 is probably doable with an extra anima)
  • The boss has a ~50% chance to purge all your buffs on hit, so there’s no real way to sustain tank his damage with Pain Suppression / Rock Hard. I still had Rock Hard in the build for ground aoes while i’m hiding from the Cyber Spin.
  • There seems to be a bug which makes Cyber Spin tick for 10k+. I’ve been suspecting it to somehow interact with buffs and the whole purging + piercing mechanic of the boss, but didn’t manage to gather any conclusive evidence.
  • Past 1k IP, 1 maxed out legendary 20 intricate accurate glyph is not enough anymore. Any glanced hits can’t be crit, that will quickly decrease the proc chance of Cruel Delight.
  • WIth a perfect execution, no cleanses are needed and Rock Hard isn’t mandatory either. I’d still keep them both for emergencies.
  • After checking logs, apparently the Tank Commander got exactly 0 heals from drones! :muscle:
  • Timings are the key on this fight: Eruption has to be ready for adds, as well as Crystallized Blaze. Cyber Pull also happens during the add timings, so you’ll have to be ready for that.
  • Since i had no hammer with an extra accurate glyph, it happened that i chose to go for a Frost-Bound hammer, and i’ve extracted extra hit glyphs i had in some other gear to then put it in the hammer. Pneumatic Maul can be subpar - it happened that the boss purged the Pneumatic Maul procs. But it should still be viable if you make sure to consume the Pneumatic Maul buff ASAP.

I’ll edit the post if some other useful things to mention come up to my mind.



The incoming damage on my side got far less once I had nothing to purge…before that I got some weird purging hits. Would need testing, look into…since I was busy with surviving and didn’t look too close.