E10 NY raid - 5 manned!


At some point, we decided to tackle a challenge: complete the E10 NY raid with the smallest possible group. Here’s how this went!

People involved:

  • Anuschka (damage - rifle / elemental)
  • Dr-Levsky (tanking - shotgun / chaos)
  • Molov (tanking - chaos / hammer)
  • Pel (damage - rifle / elemental)
  • Zinan (damage - hammer / elemental)



Here is Dr-Levsky’s build.

Dr-Levsky’s gear is the following one:

  • Mark of the Starspawn + Signet of Rapid Response
  • Cobra Ring + Signet of Neophyte
  • Vampiric Essence + Signet of Riot Control [would prefer Lycanthropic Essence or Medallion of Wadjet]
  • Iron-Sulfur Bracelet + Signet of Nemain [would prefer Bracer of the Forgotten Horrors]
  • Golden Coin + No Signet [woops, realized after completion, should be Signet of Cruel Delight]
  • Primal Rope Belt + Signet of Time & Space Alteration [does not matter much, but would prefer Grounding Line]
  • Alloy Heart + Signet of Quickness [does not matter much]
  • Frost-Bound Shotgun of Efficiency Mk 3
  • Sanity’s Aphelion of Alacrity Mk 2

Glyphs: 5 elaborate defense, 1 intricate defense, 1 elaborate fierce, 1 elaborate accurate [the latter can be intricate]

Agents: Faction Recruit, Jeronimo de Montejo, Jayesh Suresh

Anima Allocation: 100% survivability

The plan with this build was to provide Opening Shot and Cleanup at the same time. The build gets to 100.1% glance chance when under Kneecapper, and Glutton for Punishment is used during the couple of seconds when Kneecapper is not up. The main weakness of the build was its very low aggro (around 1.7k DPS in a tank & spank setting like P1), so i had to provide a lot of threat from my side in order for it all to work perfectly.


Here’s my build:

My gear is the following one:

  • Mark of the Starspawn + Signet of Transience
  • Recursive Circle + Signet of Waxing Delirium
  • Egon Pendant + Signet of Capriciousness [would prefer Lycanthropic Essence]
  • Iron-Sulfur Bracelet + Signet of Nemain [would prefer Bracer of the Forgotten Horrors]
  • Cold Silver Dice + Signet of Cruel Delight
  • Tumultuous Sash + Signet of Time & Space Alteration
  • Razor Fossil + Signet of Quickness
  • Otherwordly Artifact of Alacrity mk 3
  • Flame-Wreathed hammer of Alacrity 3

Glyphs: 3 elaborate fierce, 2 intricate fierce, 1 elaborate devastating, 1 intricate devastating, 1 intricate accurate (did not bother elaborating more)

Agents: Faction Recruit, Jeronimo de Montejo, Oleg Yablokov

Anima Allocation: 83% survivability, 17% damage (bare minimum to survive a debilitated Colossus’ autoattack and still have enough aggro for the Lurker).

The objective of the build was to compensate the missing aggro from the over-defensive Dr-Levsky’s build, provide an additional Exposed debuff, and supplement the group with Potency Enigmas. The build failed in that regard for the enigmas since their uptime ended up being very low, and Wellness enigmas ended up actually costing us 3 important P3 wipes (as seen at the end of the video) - i still was determined to keep the build for the “memes”, even if at that point, a hammer / chaos build would have been a lot more efficient and would have provided more aggro (Immutable drawing energy from a secondary weapon here, rather than primary is a huge deal for the overall aggro) while being safer at the same time. The Deconstruct basic has been chosen based on the fact it generates more paradoxes, even if the overall aggro it gives is ~5 times inferior to Turmoil - this basic’s aggro (or lack of) also allowed me to be able to spam it when Dr-Levsky was tanking without taking the aggro back accidentally, therefore, proc-ing enigmas at all times.

Damage dealers

Here’s Anuschka and Pel’s builds:

Here’s Zinan’s build:

Anuschka and Pel were both playing the standard KSR-43 / Inverter DPS build, and Zinan was using Pneumatic Maul / Voltaic Shunt.

Their gear:

  • Ashes of Crushed Cities / Shriven Souls (for hammer) + relevant damage signet
  • Cobra Ring + relevant basic signet
  • Egon Pendant + relevant power signet
  • Iron-Sulfur Bracelet + Signet of Nemain (legendary lvl 10 for Zinan, maxed for everyone else)
  • Cold Silver Dice + Signet of Laceration (Cruel Delight on Anuschka)
  • relevant primary weapon’s belt + Signet of Time & Space Alteration
  • Razor Fossil + Signet of Quickness
  • KSR-43 of Energy mk 3 for Pel & Anuschka / Pneumatic Maul of Havoc mk 3 for Zinan
  • Orochi Thermal Inverter of Alacrity mk 3 for Pel & Anuschka / Voltaic Shunt of Alacrity mk 3 for Zinan


  • Mesilande Gwinyai, Faction Quartermaster, Oleg Yablokov (Anuschka & Pel)
  • Queen Ranavalona IV, Sarah Skelly, Oleg Yablokov (Zinan)

Anima Allocation: 100% damage.

The main objective of the damage dealers was to keep their elite abilities and use them on podded players that needed to get unpodded ASAP because of the absence of any healing outside Healing Potions. This is where the Wellness enigmas trolled us several times. Pel was in charge of the filth placement.

Additional notes

This experience was a lot of fun, probably the most fun we’ve ever had in the game so far (even with all the technical issues we’ve had such as crashes).

I didn’t do any accurate maths about this, but i’m pretty certain it is impossible to complete the raid with only 4 people, even if we account for potential future 4 pip talismans and a hypothetical perfect execution.

Before SWL got announced ~2 years ago, we also started our tries in NY NM with 5 people in TSW. Unfortunately, due to the loss of motivation after SWL’s announcement, we abandoned the challenge. I’ve still recorded our best try, the video is available here:


What’s the addon you have at the top center of your screen showing boss health?

Uta Madre

What? Is there a modified version of that for NYR somewhere?

Not sure what you’re talking about. Just grab the latest version.

Are we talking about the same thing?


Yep, it should be this one.

Since when does that work for Lurker?

Found the fork, so it was actually not on curse, my bad.


The latest version should be 2.1.1.

Lol you must be kidding me, you actually replied in this exact thread i gave you the link for. Your memory and googling skills could get an improvement! :joy:

I commented in that thread, but I don’t even remember that it existed.

I must never have used it because I do not remember any of that functionality.

I mainly use it for the pod on an NPC highlight, and i track the pod on players via EffectsUI. Tracking pods on NPCs with ACT was a no-go for me.

Forgot to mention something: the mod may be bugged and the icon won’t appear. To make the icon appear, you’ll need to install ModFolder: Legends.

I got it installed and it seems ok. I forgot that it pops up on HE5, though. It was covering half of my UI by default so I had to configure it. I’ll be doing NYe10 tomorrow, so I’ll see how it works there. Shouldn’t be a problem.

Am I missing something, or do the options reset every time you close the options window? I was going to turn on health numbers and % and turn off aegis, but clicking the rabbit icon again seems to revert it to the defaults.

I’ve got no problems like that personally, i’d say it comes from you. Try to uninstall the mod maybe, purge the temp folder / files of the mod, and install it again?

Clean install of the mod didn’t fix it. I can move the bars around and resize them, but none of the options changes stick through the in-game interface.

I was able to find the UtaMadreSettings part of “C:\Users\windowsusername\AppData\Local\Funcom\TSW \Prefs\accountname\charname\Prefs_2.xml” and edit them by hand though; that seems to work as long as the game is closed.

If you can edit them by hand, but changing them in-game doesn’t save then you need to run your game as Admin.

Oddly, running it as admin doesn’t make a difference. I’m about to nuke this entire WIndows installation tomorrow anyway though so I’m going to wait to do more testing until after that’s done.

edit: also, it’s bizarre that it’s just the addon settings that won’t persist. The scaling and positions do persist, and you can observe those changing in the xml file (if you have it open in Notepad++, it will warn you the file has been changed, and refreshing shows the new value for the coordinate variables).

But changing one of the options checkboxes doesn’t produce the same result. It’s like the addon isn’t even trying to write to the file.

I think if it were a permissions issue (like running as admin) they would both fail to work, not just the settings.