Is the Elemental Class Broken

I have been playing SWL for just over a year as an Elemental/Blood. I have tried many different offhands, leveled 3 different main hand weapons to Legendary plus, have all of the elemental signets (head, ring and neck) raised to Legendary 20. I have consulted with every elementalist doing end game content and tried over 20 different spell combinations and rotations (Thanks Hagnos for the assist). I found that even with an IP over 1350, Elementalist cannot compete with other classes for DPS in any way shape or form. What’s more, Assault Rifle does much better damage from greater range and hammer does much better damage with an interrupt. Elementalist use a lot of basic attacks because of heat management so I think a good solution to the issue would be to tweak a few things in the basics. Make elementalist basic attacks apply exposed on their enemies. Increase the multi target attacks damage (chain lightning, crystallized blaze, blizzard, frost steps etc.) by 50% and allow at least one ability to have the interrupt capability.

I believe that these tactical changes could make the class utile while maintaining game balance and hopefully stifle the nearly incessant cries to “Just get a KSR” from other people.

What level of dps are you capable of with current Elemental? 15k? 10k? 20k?

21-22K with a pot running, but I see players with comparable IP using other weapons doing 28-31K in the same raid. And I saw the video of the group that 5 manned NYR E10, no one used Elemental that I saw. I am NOT trying to get FUNCOM to dig out a nerf hammer. I just want to be utile in the end game content. Obviously elemental is not a DPS class so I thought a better utility role would improve the class.

Looking at their builds, 2 DPS were AR Elemental and one was Hammer Elemental. So 3/5 were elemental users.
There may not have been any ele main hand users in the group, but with only 5 people it was always going to be the case that not all weapons would be represented fully.

It’s a tricky one tbh. Lets say that any content in the game has a DPS requirement of X. The most that any weapon can output is X+5, but some weapons only put out X+1. Clearly, the weapons with X+5 do more damage than X+1 weapons, but there’s still enough to complete the content. It’d be better if all weapons were X+5, but it’d still be the case that some would produce X+5, others X+4.9, because there will always be a best, and factors like rotation and luck with crit will make it very hard to get the maximum possible from each player.

There are some weapons which make life far harder (like trying to use blood on machine tyrant), but as far as I know, there’s no weapon which cannot output X dps.


Nothing compete ksr/maul for dps,did that make every weapon broken?No,just something is too op…
And use blood as offhand for dps is not a very brillant idea imo,because in this game the weapon gimmick is always a important source of damage parse,and with offhand low energy generating you cant reliable build and mainten full coruption to support,so literatly use blood as offhand not for utility but for pure dps is like you wasted that gimmick…
Elementalism is one of the best offhand atm,you have cf(well,crash is always a problem but you cant blame it with the 14cp efficiency)and ff+frostbeam/overload,and for mainhand,if you are using a good totemic helllord,elementalism still have great potential.Its just…have lesser choice of viable weapon than some other type of weapons,you need something very specific if you want to play it as mainhand----but,look at blade and fist,they are both in the worse situation as mainhand dps than ele imho…The only thing comes to ele as a big draw back is that play elementalism mainhand requiere more attention to the tricky overheat system than some other weapon need,but that also could be extra fun…

The game balance is not good tbh,we have op godtiers and we have something like blade,have potential on sheet but cant reliable compete anything in real situationes…this is true.PS:if you want some ele rework,well,I think we should fix ele crash bugs first lol

You cant seriously ask to buff by 50% Crystallized Flame (Blaze being its passive) which is already maybe the most OP skill ingame :slight_smile:

Anyway I can see where your frustation comes from, as others already pointed out there will always be a “best” weapon, but if the difference in output is too wide it can be frustrating.

At the moment Elementalism is not in the best lot of mainhand weapons, that’s a fact, but it is not alone and it is not the worse.
On the other hand Elementalism is the best and most used offhand weapon by far (inverter or voltaic shunt are used in most of the best dps builds) while blood, which is a terrible offhand, is close to the best lot as mainhand. So you could probably improve your dps by just switching your weapons or by choosing a different offhand weapon (since I recon that changing maihand involve a greater investment in terms of signets).

About the other changes you are asking for, the real problem with Elemental is its gimmik IMO, which is hard to manage and very punitive if done wrong.
The skills themselves already do a pretty good damage and the prove is that they are commonly used offhand. I use CF, Blizzard and Mjolnir and all of them do their job very well.

More interesting is the part about more utilities, even tho elementalism already has some very good ones like Blizzard root, CF slow, Ice Beam raid dps buff, blinks, purges … I agree that the more utilities the better as it allows for more creativity in builds and that ìs always welcome.

It was a 5 men group with 2 tanks, so ALL dps were elemental offhand :wink:

It’s funny because Dr-Levsky made a joke the other day about making an Ice Beam + Glaciate bufftank build. MOAR ele users! :smile: Obviously will not going to make that since it’s nowhere as good as a cleansetank build in terms of utility.

Also, to the OP, no point in even talking about a 10m raid done by 5 people as a point of comparison, where, by definition, DPS will HAVE TO play fully minmaxed meta builds. For every standard content in the game, elementalism is fine, just like any other weapon. Asking for balance is obviously useful, but don’t take a 10m raid being 5 manned as a reference.

NO, they had elemental secondary and unless I am mistaken they all used Orochi Thermal inverters

You are mistaken.

I never said there was anyone mainhanding ele, only that there were 3 elemental users in the group. Elemental isn’t a class of its own, none of the weapons are. They are all best used in combination. Some combos work better than others, and that’s likely to always be true.