Tier List for Roles



Is there a tier list of weapons for each role?

I remember using http://www.markdijkema.nl/projects/tswbuildstatistics back in tsw to figure out what dps to build towards.


Generally dps are quite similar so there aren’t huge tier gaps or anything but basically

AR, Hammer, Blood -> primary top tier
Shotgun, Ele, Hammer -> secondary top tier
everything else is fine in primary and inadequate in secondary

Tanks it boils down to “hammer/chaos top tier, other combos unwelcome”

Healers are not relevant to the meta so there’s no tiers. If your group has a healer you’ve already failed the tank meta.


Oh boi, so wrong. A Tank.


Let’s apply blanket statements about Elite 9/10 to everything in the game! Woo!


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He didn’t ask for the “make everyone feel welcome list of weapons” did he. If you want the strongest group composition that’s how it do. Unless you’re running content far enough below the tank’s means that they can do anything they want and not die (like story/e1 nyr)


As a healer, I know im unwanted :smiley: thats why I want to spec into some side-DPS .


I do e6/7 as shotgun/hammer tank and do fine. Nobody complains.


I default to hammer/shotgun because it suits groups w/ healer a bit better (imo) and does more damage (observed) and I mostly get groups via solo queues but if the healer wants to dps I just switch to hammer/chaos it’s not really a big deal. Your chaos doesn’t need to be good, it’s just there for cooldowns. I lose about 1k dps and the healer gains 8k dps, fair trade.


Some tanks like having healers around. Anyway, for tank weapon tiers, hammer/chaos is the top tier but other options are quite workable. It’s not quite so bad that every other combination is relegated to Kindermez—I’ve been able to tank regionals and mega bosses with chaos main for a good while before I was “supposed” to be able to.

I’ve never used shotgun so couldn’t tell you much about that, except that I’ve seen hammer/shotty (maybe shotty/hammer? I didn’t inspect) tanks do perfectly fine in E8s (a fair bit higher than story mode!)

ETA: Other weapons…well, I’ve tanked up to E4 with chaos/blade, and want to try higher just for fun (I just need Experimental Subjects), but yea, weapon tiers for tanks don’t include anything but hammer, chaos, or shotty :slight_smile:


I liked the tiering in this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/SecretWorldLegends/comments/6r73hl/guide_how_to_dps/
Can’t really confirm it but from knowing shotgun sounds about right mostly.


Blanket statements about E9-10? The sustain-tanking has been going for all the content imaginable and for all difficulties. The earlier someone starts doing that in the difficulty ladder, the easier time that person will just have. There’s no such as E9 difficulty to start sustain-tanking, you can start as soon as E1 if you want to.


The thing is, what is doable differs from tiers.

If somone is interested in knowing the top tiers, what is doable becomes irrelevant. Hammer chaos sustain tonkage and 4 dps is the top tier optimal. This is not a statement against other combinations or people choosing to use them other than saying “they are not top tier.” It is clear that they are not.

The point they may or may not become the only option is also irrelevant. Whatever combination works for your group is obviously not a point of discussion here. Tough to beat 1 self sustaining tank and 4 dps with any healer/tank combination.

TL;DR no one is telling anyone what they should do. Just ask healers whether they do any healing at all and path of least resistance, AKA meta will be clear.



Everyone on in here getting #triggered by my comment in response to this

because I said there were other viable option. Come down from the ledge. It’s not that serious. You don’t have to do it.


It is when other options are ruled unwelcome and only fit for purpose if one vastly outgears the content. “This is top tier” is different than “this is top tear and anything else is bad”, the latter being whence all the objections.

ETA: To answer the question which was previously answered with “You’ve failed just by considering the question”: AR would be the top tier healing weapon, since it can switch seamlessly between pure, very good damage to pure healing and everything in between at need.


What kind of numbers should I be looking for against e5/lairs?


Lairs are around e3 and e4 in pure minimums (for tank/healer; there’s 7-10 dps in the group so any individual’s kinda irrelevant) but if you’re higher it’s less stressful. As near e9 tank (current ip roughly 830) I can complete most lair bosses without being healed, just on the same passive healing I get in scenarios (mythic cruel delight).

E5s were fine for me at ip450 or whatever unlocks them, where by fine I mean using a fully tanky build instead of half tank, half utility.

The thing of e5 is they’re still not very balanced boss to boss. Ankh is easy because coincidentally it didn’t get any hard ones. DW4, Pol5, HE3, and HR4 are all gonna be a struggle if your group is less than ideal. HR5+6 are just plain inaccessible to E5 players as far as I know.


XD sorry I meant as far as DPS parse numbers what kind of damage is considered good at various levels.


10x your IP is a good ballpark to be in on dummies. Like 4500 dps as an ip450 and so on. A group with 3 of those can do any except hr6 afaik.


Just to expand on this statement. Ballpark is anywhere between 7x and 10x your IP.

It takes a very precise combination of glyphs, signets, talismans and weapon IP to arrive at such an exact value as 10x your IP.

If you inflate your IP with non-essential item upgrades (ie, most signets) rather than focusing more on critical glyphs, you will be no where near this goal.

If you find this to be true, that your IP is far higher than your dps parsing values, then you know you must focus more on dps-oriented upgrades.

There are way too many variables for it to be followed any more closely than that. Just for clarification’s sake.