Completing Museum exhibits vs levelling equipment

I’m currently at IP 830 or thereabouts. Running Chaos/DP since I am really only re-running the normal missions. I’ve done all the dungeons often enough to get all the lore that is there. I’ve done the scenarios solo and gotten most of the lore/achievements there.

Currently my primary weapon is low red and all of the other equipment is high yellow.

My question is: would completing the museum exhibits get me more power faster than continuing to grind up the equipment levels?

Museum progress: I’ve got all of the exhibits at Superior level except for Golems - I need a couple of shards there that only seem to be available during the anniversary event, so there’s none to be had right now. I have finished one centerpiece at Paragon (Children of Hell - it seems to be the easiest).

I’m not sue if I’m reading the benefit correctly - it says that every time you hit something that is exhibited in the museum you have x% chance to do y more damage.

Is this for every hit? For example, the basic Chaos ability consists of 3 punches - does every punch have this chance, or just one chance per ability trigger?

The question obviously isn’t for distillates - you normally can’t sell those. I guess I’m asking whether to sell normal mission reward equipment in order to complete the exhibits (which means selling all of it) or whether to sell enough to use the others for upgrades.

Or do I bite the bullet and try harder (i.e. actually try) to get into dungeons/scenarios/lairs that might reward distillates that would make the upgrades feel like I’m getting somewhere?

I imagine this would mean changing up my equipment and skills anyway - Chaos/DP is great for solo but I’m getting the sense that it doesn’t work well with others.

No. Working on your equipment will have a greater effect.

At 2003 combat power (that all red 70, 100% DPS anima allocation, a pure Anima potion and a 325 attack power agent) the proc from a completed Museum is a 50.04% chance for 1231 damage. So roughly 615 dps if you’re fighting something that’s on display. (Procs are limited to 1/s unless they list a (hidden) cooldown).

PS. the gadget you get for a completed Museum is … underwhelming.

A bit late reply here (been gone from the game for a few weeks)…

In case you want to continue with the museum, then I have 4 complete sets of Golem shards on my alt account, so I can give you a hand with the upgrades if you want. Give me a holler in-game, the name’s Crelo.

There’s nothing worthwhile from the museum. Every reward is an absolute joke in terms of improving your character. The museum is only for the completionist.