Any new Marketplace cosmetics in this Samhain?

Or is it the same as last year?

Four new morph suits. Red, green, blue, orange.

Daily login, those daily pumpkin unlocks, or the Marketplace?

“Halloween Item Reward Bags”

But the morph suits are tradable.

Is there anything at all new this year besides the morph suits and the day 1 login reward horse?

I got an Amnethyst (sp) Cat from doing Cat God (?), two times now. It’s not tradeable, but the first time I could add it to my wardrobe, and I know I did it several times last year, so I figured that was new?

I’ve already got one, so that’s not new. I have all the pets/mounts that are labeled as Event. So it’s just clothing and I’m not going through the dressing room item by item to see if there are new color variants. That would take ages especially considering I know someone has already done that which is why I’m asking.

Not technically event stuff, but various new items to dress up like inbeda are new and were added to the dressing room closet on the 10th too. They are a mof sink :slight_smile:

Head - Oni Horns
Chest - Bare chest, hairy
Coat - Silk bathrobe, leopard print
Coat - Silk bathrobe, tiger print
Feet - Plush slippers
Feet - Plush slippers, leopard print
Feet - Plush slippers, tiger print

Also a Nite Time 4 long coat and hoodie were added then. People who backed that game on kickstarter would have received an email with claimcode(s) from Alice & Smith in their email.