Samhain Cosmetics Sale

HELLO FRIENDS :jack_o_lantern:

A bunch of cosmetics are now 50% off until the end of Samhain:

Hat: Creepy Equine Mask
Hat: Creepy Zebra Mask
Hat: Fiery Nightmare Mask
Hat: Unicorn’s Visage
Hat: Fiery Tentacle Topper
Hat: Toxic Tentacle Topper

Uniform: Morph Suit, gold
Uniform: Wraithbuster jumpsuit, tan
Uniform: Gladiatrix/Romulus outfits + helmets
Uniform: Cosmonaut suits + helmets
Uniform: Lady of the Crimson Sea/Sea Smuggler

Clothing Set: Psycho Unbound

Wings of the Alter Ego, all three

Pet: Little Lycanthrope
Pet: Temple Cat

Sprint: The Ninja
Sprint: Ghost Runner