Missing Items from New Map

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So I noticed Demon-fire and Gas orbs were completely gone? You are unable to craft them. With that being the case, what’s the point in volatile glands?? Is this an intentional change?

Im going to go out there on a limb and say Arrows have replaced them

Do you have the alchemist at you firebowl cauldron, because you need one to be able to craft the orbs.

Poison and Explosive arrows require Gaseous and Demon-fire orbs


Also, someone mentioned that dragonbone wasn’t present in the game; i.e. he’s scouted the dungeons and cannot find a dragon, nor a tablet that gives the recipes.

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Not all items or gameplay mechanics from the Exiled lands are available in the Isle of Siptah for design reasons. Siptah is still in early access and this could change during development.

All orbs are still there. Demon-fire, grease, gas… you just need to capture an alchemist. Even T1 will be able to craft them.

The real question now is - where do we get volatile glands? I am at the west side of the map and was unable to find a single creature that drops them (or the glands can be gathered from)

NOTE: the demon fire orbs are extremely useful for other stuff than arrows. It’s my most favourite way to gather star metal. So yeah, volatile glands will always be useful

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They say that Convergence Trap can bring Dragonbone as well. I’ve seen such screenshot in one topic here.

Did they change it? Explosive arrows used to be just dragon powder and tar

You can get dragon bones from surge bosses, as well as the weapons, I haven’t found a recipe for any yet. It’s possible that one of the new delving bench recipes will use the materials. The mushrooms for the gaseous orbs can be found along the river leadin south from Violet Island (it’s in a lake, with a long river running from it, west side of the map, lots of aloe there too). You can also find the mushrooms in the north east on the small island disconnected from the mainland, where the Gash and Heretic Haunt map markers are.

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The lake between L/M 9 has salamanders, they have volatile glands.

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You have actually killed them and got glands?

Yep. Btw the lake north of it, on the next plateau also has them. The thing with the salamanders is, they often give no glands, so sometimes you have to kill more. Harvest them with pick, but skinning knife might also work.

We ended up with 27 glands just from running a cpl of the vaults last night. They were in chests

I cant find mushrooms in this place

Okay. So I have a T1 Alchemist and I can make the orbs.

Demon-fire and gas orbs are in the game/siptah.

Found them thanks!

Thanks a lot Muelee. Good spot you suggested.

Apart from the salamanders, found also different sources - if someone will look for the volatile glands, too, maybe they will find this handy:

  • The fire gremlins in the Elder Vaults can be gathered (pick, skinning knife) to sometimes drop them
  • And - of course, as many other mats - iron chest throughout the whole map and chests inside the Elder Vaults have them occasionally, too.

Run any goblinoid vault. You’ll get 100+glands per run. Just make sure you skin all goblins and loot all small chests.

Y’all need to explore more. There’s salamanders around the lakes in the highlands on the east side of the map.

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