Star Metal and other rare items

Greetings All,
Has anyone seen any?
Also only found 1 spot.
Also Volatile Glands and fur.
And why is there no Compass?

Star metal is up in the frozen north there are plenty of youtube video’s on how to get this metal.

Volatile Glands are from exploding imps.

Fur you get from creatures further to the north and is very common in the highlands and beyond.

I haven’t found starmetal or gold in obsidian nodes since the patch this weekend, starmetal might be bad luck. But the gold isn’t. I’ve hit so many modes and found nothing

I obtained both yesterday so they are there.

Well Manbot71 it seems we 2 are blind as bats.
All my map markers where they were are not there after they put the Volcano and jungle in but not available till the 8th.

Hey Manbot71 where is the obsidian are?

Pilgrams road at the base of the volcano just north of the black keep

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Ok will look for it Thanks Again