Best locations for star metal and spawn rates

Thanks in advance. Can anyone tell me the route they take for star metal please? I keep looking around the temple of frost obelisk area and hardly find any. I’m on a dead server so I know it’s not other players. And when does it respawn? I’ll go back and won’t any there for the rest of the day after I harvest it once.

Try the area above the Ymir Trainer and towards the volcano.

I get my star metal in the same area you’re looking. From the obolisk I head down towards the frozen lake and can usually find 3 or 4 of the meteors (they sometimes get lodged into the giant statues too). Unsure of spawn rates, but I respec my character to survival build (survival feats) and use a star metal pick to guarentee a worthy haul in the mornings.

Thanks just wish there was more information on spawn rates and locations. Found one node after reset.

I normally find the area around skyfall ridge to be the best location for meteorites. I think that this is because they come in at an angle so a lot of them get caught on the ridge. That being said I do sometimes find them in the open snowy area to the east of the frost temple obelisk.

Thanks again

I’ll second what @stinger said. I always do my SM harvesting around the Ymir trainer and slightly to the east, where the path leads up to the mountain above him. It has the added advantage of not being surrounded by sabretoothes, wolves and mammoths. Just goats (shudders). F’ing goats…

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