Star Metal Meteors

do someone some kind of map that and show the area where the meteors go down cause i can’t seem to find them thx in advance :smiley:

This map gives a general idea, it is not a complete list of every possible location:

If you are in singleplayer, meteors showers may not be spawning at all, as the chance trigger will not even be running while you are not in the area.

In that case, you could use the console commad dc meteor spawn or consider a mod.


I’m playing on one of my friends rental server

I put a lengthy answer related to this on the other post about cold-resistant armor. The map posted above by Tephra is consistent with what I wrote over there – because a lot of the blue dots on the map are in the non-Cold areas along the mountain ridge and foothills north, northwest, and northeast of Stargazer’s Crest. Just make sure you bring Explosive Arrows and a Hardened Steel (or better) pick and some Spiced Tea or other Spiced food – and arguably enough brimstone too for the Star Metal smelting – or your journey all the way there will be a waste of time. You might be able to farm hardened steel tools and spiced food from Cimmerians, but you have to bring your own explosives, or you will have wasted a trip. Make sure you also grab black ice and regular ice while you’re up there (the former for smelting the star metal, and the latter for when you are ready to build your preservation boxes/refrigerators). It’s a long trek if you don’t bring everything you need the first time.

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