Star Metal and Meteor Shower Not Spawning

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [North/Meteor Path]

I’ve been playing for a while and have experienced minor bugs that aren’t a big deal and are already known [Partially including this one since I’ve read issues with it back in 2018]. I’ve tested a few things as ik whenever I start my single player game up it technically is a server restart, however through out multiple hours waiting nearby, in, and away from the area I have yet to encounter a Meteor shower or star metal nodes/meteors. I’ve either been very unlucky with the chances to spawn, the possibility of nodes spawning without a shell and despawning before I get up there, and/or just bugged and not spawning entirely. I’ve taken all the data I’ve acquired from previous posts and have come to this conclusion unfortunately, though I may be entirely wrong…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Restart Server
  2. Go up north to see if meteors spawned
  3. Wait a really long time nearby to see for meteor spawn chance
  4. Go up to look for meteors again
  5. Repeat 1 or 3

No he tenido problema con los meteoritos, siempre caen

Here is what a meteor shower looks like from one of our admin’s perspective. It isn’t bugged out at all. On our server both admins and members have encountered it. Be on the look out for the smoking balls of star metal on the ground. Though rare to actually see, the shower events happen.

Star Metal Shower (Twitter Video)

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Hello @ZenoGrave, welcome to the community!

As far as we know, there are no issues with the Meteor Showers or the node spawn rate, however, when you’re playing in a Single Player session, your best bet is establishing yourself or making an outpost in the area where they usually spawn and sticking around until it happens.

In any case, we’ve forwarded your feedback to the developers for further consideration, thank you for sharing it with us!

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Hi Zenograve, and welcome to the community. Only recently my partner had been having trouble getting Star Metal meteors to appear on her game as well. And like myself, she had been playing since launch time on console (almost a year). On Singleplayer Star Metal is one of the single rarest available resources. However, after much perseverence we DID finally get them to appear. I will now share some basic highly unscientific tips to try and make it happen for you too, and also post the link to my original thread.

The spot where we both usually get them to appear, and which I have also seen videos of is an unmarked place on the map which I have tentatively named the ‘The Twins’. They are located in coordinates E,13 on the map(?) if memory serves me correctly. It is the 2 large statues located South-East of The Temple of Frost and overlooking woodlands.

It take a long, and I mean LONG time for them to appear; especially for your first time. Some people have reported 30-40 mins, but for her it was literally 1.5 hrs! But subsequent times dont seem to be quite as bad thereafter. So here is what I would advise. Stock up on food and water supplies and anything you need to crack them open, and park your character on a high ledge or one of the statues themselves, where you will not be constantly harassed by predators. Now literally wait a looong time. Face South overlooking the woods and up towards the horizon, then leave your character stationary and just wait. If you have a portable DVD player, literally watch a film and leave Conan Exiles (with volume on) on in the background. No Im not trolling or being cheeky, this will help pass some time, and let you keep an eye/ear on it in the background. You will literally hear and notice them when they come. Only interact to top you characters food and water up where required, and avoid wandering. Good luck friend, and let us know if you succeed hey. Heres the link.


If playing SP it does seem like they do not fall, but in SP you have to remember that time is not persistent when you log off and time stops. On a server, time is persistent, so time keeps ticking away and even if you are not sitting there waiting for meteors to fall, they still come. In SP, it seems like it takes forever because the chances of them falling are only when you are on the server, which if a normal human being, is way less than when you are not.

On a PVE server that I play on, we see meteorites on a regular basis, not prolific, but not super rare. On the CoOp game I am playing, I have only seen meteorites once and that was because we were mucking around by the Mounds of the Dead and saw them go over our head.

Mind you, this is for PC. It might be different on a console.


I will take all this in consideration, as I definitely know it may take more than probably 3+ hours of waiting for one to probably spawn for me. As I have at least went up to such area and left it for that long, at the very least between 1-2 hours. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to do so sometimes and only get to play 1-2 hours a night. I may also probably get to try it on the PS4 build as I don’t seem to have the bugs I do on the Xbox One build

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