Anyone know when the Fix for STar Metal on single player will be fix so it spawns again?

Hello, Left about year ago after farming for over half year star metal…it stop spawning on the single player , nor are there meteor storms. Reinstalling game. using on other 4 computers on fresh install still does not fix this issue. I not sure maybe if its a account issue or what? But eitherway, H ave few friends bought game and we started playing again just to notice its not spawn. If someone knows lemme know…if not they refund there game and find another?

It does spawn, but there’s a catch. Because of the way meteor showers work, you have to go to that general area and just hang around for an hour or two. Just spend some time raiding the Cimmerians at the Mounds of the Dead. You can actually see and hear a meteor shower from there when one happens.

Basically, as I understand it, there’s a timer that doesn’t start until someone is in that meteor shower area. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but lets say 30 minutes. When the timer expires, there’s something like a 70% chance of a meteor shower happening. If it doesn’t happen, the timer resets and the next time it runs out there’s a 75% chance. If it doesn’t happen that time, then the next is 80% and so on and so on until a meteor shower occurs. After that, the chance resets to 50% or something and the process starts all over.

This isn’t really a problem on multiplayer servers that are up all the time. But because the single player server is restarted each time you enter the game, that timer will be reset as well and won’t start up again until someone goes to that area of the map.

just admin in a stack or 10 of ores and chuck out the explosives or orbs you would have used to farm it out anyway.

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