Not found Star metal on the Frozen North[SINGLEPLAYER]

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Region: [EU]

I found nothing star metal on singleplayer. And all day long nothing, zero. This ist really really annoying.

Sorry for my bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Do you guys see any weather effects on the game? I think the meteors may be tied to the (missing) weather system…

I don’t see weather effects either but I can see the meteor shower. Offline, single player.

I play that mode(singleplayer) too since the game launch and i have no found star metal. I can not see the meteor shower.

In my LIVE PC SP PVP it is RARE to see a meteor shower and I have only found ONE star metal meteor to harvest. I triggered the meteor shower by clearing out the Ice Temple totally of giants and immediately when I left the temple VOILA a meteor shower happened. But as I said, I only could find one meteor so it may be bugged a little but I don’t think it is tied to the broken weather system as I haven’t had rain/snow since patch 32 / 33 but did get this meteor shower.

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the meteors shower you may see in the sky don’t drop starmetal nods, the nods are spawned … or not inworld. What you see in the sky is a virtual effect, there is nothing falling from the sky then !

But i agree, that in singleplay, finding nods may be a pain. Like many things, some may have some nods, others will never see an only one.
But believe me, to founds the nods if on your game there are realy some, you needs scout the spots they spawn, not run after the visual effect in the sky. This are two different things.

For my part, since release, i have beautiful meteors showers in the sky (in singleplayer) but no nods on the ground. I had in early acces, but no more since release, and need to spawn my starmetal.
Singleplayer is mostly a testground for me, so i don’t realy care lot about. But it’s a bug more some may experiment, especially in singleplayer.

I just had two different players tell me that the meteors dropped next to them, so meteor shower isn’t just for looks it seems. I also saw a video on YouTube when a meteor crashed into someone’s base wall. So they do drop from the sky instead of being spawned, that’s what I believed myself, that they spawned normally, but it seems they actually drop down.

I only play single player and I saw the meteor shower a couple of times but I wasn’t very close to see the starmetal being hurled on the ground, when I reached the spot, they were already there. But I have no reason to disbelieve that video and two other players in here who witnessed them actually falling to the ground.

I have seen multiple meteors fly through the sky and hit in the projected spots…never seen them just spawn…as for single player…I played single player for a while and the only way to get any meteor showers was to stand around where they fall.Which lead me to believe single player loads only the area you are in,unlike a server where the world is mostly loaded already…I did report that months ago…but as you can see…lol


FunCom please fix this for Singleplayer!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

In my singleplayer PC game, I have seen multiple meteors impact terrain, too. Picked up four of them yesterday (one event with multiple impacts). This happened just north of the Mounds of the Dead (snowy area). So if this is a bug, its intermittent because it is working for my single player game.

@Milbon I think you might be very lucky lol unless…have you ever just found them without seeing the meteor shower? If so then your singleplayer is loading like a server ,if not then it’s like the rest of us and messed up and your lucky lol

@Lexior1 i think i be very unlucky xDD …


I think the way it works is that there’s both an effect and spawn points. When the meteorite trails come down, the spawn points for star metal are spawned. But the effect of trails can hit things and collide with buildings causing damage. I believe the meteorite trails don’t actually have a meteorite that will land somewhere that you can mine. For example, I was standing near one of the giant statues in the northwest when a meteorite trail came down right at my location where I was standing. But it hit the statue and bounced off at a 45 degree angle. When I turned around facing north, a star metal node had appeared in a spot where it usually shows up. The node spawned just after the trails came down but I never saw a meteorite bouncing off the statue or hitting the ground, just the trail effect.


I didn’t have weather or meteors in my last single player game.

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ive seen this for multiple people now, for some reason on some games the spawn is just effed. i played like 150 hours and had not a single meteorite spawn.

@Aki-San just as with me

Sound just like the weather bug, intermittent at best, totally gone at worst, but they are different systems, but the bug could be related??

that’s !
For me in SP meteorshower are new. Not sure exactly when they arrived. But i had meteors on the ground and could found starmetal. Now i have the showers, but it’s realy hard to found some meteorites on ground. Still on the same locations, i have mostly my bases there around in my playthrough.

On server i experimented few meteorites-shower i must admit, but i would have to test several servers and miss a bit the time doing so.
Like many bugs and issues, i think it’s case by case depending settings, servers, and many more. Weathersystem has these issues. While some experiment rain, others willl never. Two people can experiment different weathers standing side by side.

I don’t have changing weather in SP either. I mean the weather is nice and sunny everywhere I go with the exception of fog. But I do get meteor showers from time to time.

Star metal nodes were plentiful early on. But lately when a meteorite shower occurs, I can only find one or two nodes, and the meteorite showers seem less frequent. Maybe that’s by design once you pass the star metal journey steps, idk. It’s not that big of an issue for me since I can make obsidian tools instead.

Usually, I have to wait around 2 or 3 (in game) days for meteorites to fall, and that’s without leaving the area. This is usually because I’m building on an outpost and not really waiting for meteorites.


I had a look at this and posted results in another thread. The short of it is that the spawner for meteorites is placed in the map. So you need to go to that location to start them spawning. This location seems to be kind of in the northern part of the barrows.

However I was not able to get them going in single player by going there. It is possible that the spawner was on, and no meteors had spawned yet, but on servers they seem to come down as a big shower of 12-15 as soon as that piece of the world loads.

Indestructible seeming meteors are just from being partially embedded in the ground (at least that’s my guess). Explosions from other angles might work. I haven’t found a node yet with my debugging info on that couldn’t be damaged.

There may be a state a player can get in where meteors are invisible. Any action that requires a loading screen seems to fix it.