Star Metal nodes not spawning properly

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The animation happens, but the star metal doesn’t actually land anywhere or it disappears right after?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Wait for it to happen.
2.Cry cause S.L. requires star metal and its not working.


I’ve looked for days now. Hear it fall. Run around and nothing.


I have noticed the same on server 1823 PVE-C. I have been running around the frozen north for 5 days. I have found 1 star metal node. I have seen the animation once and nothing spawn in the areas they hit. This seems broken. Please help!

EDIT: 10 minutes after I posted this meteor shower happened. I went to the areas they hit and there was no shell. I was able to mine 2 nodes without having to crack them open. There was another that hit one of the huge statues in the same status. I watch it despawn in less than 5 minutes.

I have noticed the same issue on Server #1878 and have ran around looking for nodes. I haven’t even seen a meteor shower since last night, and this morning (yet). I thought I found some but there was no smoke and ended up being coal (like an idiot lol)

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Same on another two servers. I’ve been looking for nodes since Friday, saw animation of they are falling, but didn’t found a single one for ~5h of crossing in the area.

The game was fine before the 500 bug fix patch how did you guys mess it up so much I loved this game but now I seriously want to quit Im so frustrated.


I started up the singleplayer and left the game open and just waited for a shower for 5 hour. Watched a couple of movies but nothing. The meteors only spawn if you are in the general area and wait. They should spawn even if you are not in the general area as I have never ever seen any meteor showers from the desert or nordheim in 80 hours gameplay. I am not sure if you can trigger them when you are at the mound but for sure when you go up more north.

For us singleplayers this is just plain unacceptable.

RIP 2018 Star Metal, you will be missed.


I get the feeling they intentionally reduced the spawn rate of star metal as part of this overall effort to re-balance and nerf Silent Legion armor by changing the recipe and tying it to star metal because some PVP players are always complaining that SL armor is OP. But SL armor isn’t OP in single player because you have to kill world bosses like the Undead Dragon by yourself, and you have to survive large NPC camps to acquire certain crafting thralls.

I usually make my main base around the center of the desert near the dogs of the desert and the Mitra temple, and I used to see meteorites across the sky from that point all the time. It was a nice effect that added to the atmosphere of the game. But I’ve not seen a shower in quite awhile. I can still stand around in the far north for an hour or two, and one will eventually show up. But then I can usually only find one node whereas I used to be able to find more than I could actually carry if mined.

Even if I had way too much star metal than I could ever use, I still found it the most fun to mine star metal over the other ores. But now, star metal has become boring, and the environment has become more boring. All this re-balancing has become myopic IMO and overly focused on PVP competition and complaints at the expense of single player and PVE playing styles.


I can clear all NPCs areas in cloth with stone daggers. No heals. Game is pretty busted, carry water skins/ice for Volcano all good. Doesn’t mean I like to though… lol.

Yea same thing happens after the big patch on PvE 1003. It need to be fixed ASAP. Saw meteor fell, go to exact place and no spawn, I searching 3 days that whole zone on almost empty (3 4 low level players online) hours.

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I was in the north farming Black Ice as a Meteor Shower fell. From my location I had a good look at where 2 Meteors hit the ground. So I went to check it out, since I always carry some Demon Fire Orbs with me when I’m up there, just in case.
I searched the area around the two impact locations and finally every bit throughout the area below the Frost Temple up to where it “becomes green” again and then Skyfall Ridge up to the point where the Lava starts.
Not a single Meteor or Star Metal Node in sight.

This was on an Official PvE Server.

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Same here, i see animation but no métal spawn

Just happened again on PVE-C 1823. Logged into the server for the first time today. Went up to the frozen north and there was an immediate meteor shower. I was able to get to two nodes (already broken) and I was able to harvest. I was able to see a third on the side of a mountain but it despawned in less than 2 minutes.

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Hey funcom any comment on lack of star metal spawns

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Funcom, any comments? Is it broken? Working as designed?

Here the reason why the Star metal not spawning correctly, there is no smoldering crust

which mean you need to find and harvest it quick or else the node despawn itself, the smoldering crust actually keep the star metal from decay.

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Oh nevermind, i see you too know the reason lol. I also witness it despawned itself very quickly if you didn’t find and harvest fast enough.

Prior the patch, star metal ore nodes persisted until server restart. If you cracked the shell, but didn’t mined it, the ore despawned. Since the shell is no more, it will desawn a few minutes after impact. One could argue, its intended by Funcom to get rid of the bugged shell, which sometimes didn’t break. But keep star metal - even more - rare, by let it despawn if not harvested right away. I hope the latter isn’t the case and it’s “only” a bug.

What ever the case might be needs clarification by Funcom. And I hope we will get it soon. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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