Star Metal not spawning and other issues with Dedicated Server since last patch

Online Small Private Server with (6 players max currently).
Issue: Various
Relaxed PvP
USA Region
No mods being used.

We currently are having a variety of little issues since the last patch. The first (and biggest) issue is Star Metal meteorites//nodes have only rarely shown up on the server - once just before the patch, and once a couple days after the patch.

Server stability has also been less stable since the last patch too. We started playing again right around Halloween, and server stability was solid. After the Dec. Patch, the server has"stopped responding" 4-5 times in the span of about a week. I have a daily reset on the server as well.

Earlier today we had a medium wheel of pain disappear at one one of our newer bases in the north. I’m afraid I don’t have much details on me at the moment as we don’t know when exactly it disappeared (I wasn’t online), but it was shortly after one of the other players removed a bunch of recently-trained thralls (Freya and some other miscellaneous thrall). Checked the logs, but they were clear of any mundane cause.

Updating my issue: I noticed one thing about Star Metal that I never read before. Any Starmetal meteorites (harvested or not) disappear on server reset. Since I had the server on a once-per-day reboot, we could have been killing our own Star Metal spawns. We’re still not entirely sure if it’s spawning as much as it should be, but I can work around the problem for now at least via the mod Pippi and manually spawning a meteor swarm.

Server stability has been considerably better as well since the hotfix the other day. Client performance has been much better as well. I’ve even re-enabled a few mods and we’ve had no problems. \o/

Hey @HolyCrusader

Glad to see some of the issues you were having were alleviated with the latest hotfix.
Regarding star metal nodes, we’ve been tracking reports of users experiencing issues with them (mainly gathering resources from them being spotty). Are you able to mine them correctly?

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