Star Metal nodes not spawning properly


DEVs - I see in the Patch Status Notes that you mention that this “fixed internally”, what does that mean and when should we see it fixed on the official servers.


I think what fixed internally means (just my opinion) is that the issue isn’t on the client but on the servers. So I think when they say “fixed internally” I think they are referring to the server has been fixed. However clarity might be nice too


Just spent about 4 days (in-game days) and no meteor shower and not a single star metal meteorite (fresh or dead). It’s nice the see the weather effects back, it would be even nicer to see star metal meteors falling from the sky again. I’m playing a single player game so it would be easy to spawn them through the admin menu, but what would be the point playing the game then?


No response from a Dev on the Star Metal issue in almost two weeks? Funcom, you can do better. People bought this game because they believed you could do better. We need Star Metal, please fix this problem and while you’re at it, please fix the issue of thralls spawning into the game with almost no hit points as well as just standing around starting at enemies as they rip apart one’s base. sigh


Bruv they are on vacation how they gonna respond?


“Fixed internally” means it’s fixed on the dev branch we have. Developers will use that internal build that contains fixes to test those fixes and such. Then move that build to live if it looks good.
Dresoth, there are multiple threads on this already and I’ve responded to a couple. I’m sorry for the frustrations but we will have this updated and fixed ASAP!


Ahh haven’t seen your other posts was just letting em know you guys were semi in limbo at the moment, I myself spent a couple hours afk watching tv with my character staring at the sky and was able to obtain some starmetal. Kind of a pain in the butt but nothing game breaking :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hopefully we get regular schedules of meteor showers and not more RNG stuff.

Also thrall spawn rates please. Camping and grinding days only makes sense for PVP players as you are competitively going against other players however this is pointless on a PVE or Single Player aspect as most of the time you are all alone gearing up to solo fight a world boss…

Maybe just put an option in a PVP server to have thrall spawn rates at minimum then up it by default on PVE and Single Player.


Similar issues with star metal #1-Not Spawning, and #2 Instantly disappearing the one time one did spawn on official #1822 PVE-C, after running around several hours daily, day and nigh, over the course of a week. This is not how it used to be - it’s broken. Please fix/advise asap.


And same here. Have seen a meteor rain once when I was about lvl 30, not a single one since then.
That was when, on the other hand, I had no wheather system working…
This and the fact that CE still is a little buggy makes me wonder whether there are meteor showers at all now…

Now, the philosophy of not informing players of every setting, parameter, all how-tos is quite immersive and probably intentional BUT I’m not playing 24/7 and waiting for meteors to come is quite frustrating when I cannot be sure that they can happen at all on my server with my settings or whatever…

So I would like

  • a comment from funcom, because I see endless threads regarding meteors but not a single reply from devs.
  • a server command to test the functionality
  • once meteors have dropped, they should’nt despawn, like rocks and trees don’t. They could stop smoking but why is it they vanish?! Or do they stay and there simply aren’t any on my server?? I don’t know, can’t test.

Anyone at funcom not on vacation? Please say something



I would like to suggest an admin command to trigger manually the meteor shower. This would help for debuging, testing and server moderators would have an option, to bypass current issues.


Exactly! This is what I was trying to say.
Strange thing is, that the Pippi mod is said to have such a command. So I don’t understand why there isn’t one in the game itself. Or maybe it’s hidden too well and once again no infos from devs…


I got the meteor swarm event. Then I scavenged the entirety of the area of frozen slopes -> The Temple of Frost. Nothing.

Not a single meteor was found. (I even mined every single rock just to make sure those weren’t meteors in disguise.)

I was also playing on single player, so it can’t be a “server issue”. The ONLY way I’ve been able to get ANY star metal ore is by slaughtering all the undead in/around the Black Keep, and sometimes, one of them drops like 5 star meteor ore chunks. Some times.

I hope this is an actual bug, and not that those meteors are impossibly hard to find.


It is a confirmed bug and I bet it will be fixed asap some developers are back from vacation.


hopefully this gets pushed to Live this week. Need to get more star metal as I am running out.


For weapons obsidian, serpent-man or dragonbone stuff. Obsidian gives you good tools, too.