Cimmerians Should Drop Star Metal

Not game-wide, but around the camp near the Mounds of the Dead. Reason I’m suggesting this is because they use Star Metal weapons, and would only make sense if they dropped something too. Or a weapon. Like how the starter NPCs drop stone weapons.

Then you would never had to go for the nodes and just farm star metal weapons from them, as the ones in new asgarath drop steel bars (which they shouldn’t). Its too easy to farm steel on them, making no point to farm iron/tar, just brimstone.

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I would be happy enough with starmetal nodes spawning properly again. :joy:

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Cimmerians dropping Star Metal might be too easy to farm, but by Crom the Frost Giants definitely should.


It’s a rare drop. I’ve got 11 bars from them. But it’s not enough. lol. I can’t for the life of me find the nodes.

Silent Legion Warriors near the Black Keep can drop star metal.

And steel, and steel reinforcements and hardened steel.

If you’re having trouble finding the nodes, clearing the Black Keep area and then the area near Road of Pilgrim is a good route to go.

Thank you! And how long does it take for Star Metal to appear?