Volatile gland help please

Why on earth is it so hard to mine volatile glands for the fire orbs on PVP?? You know something isnt right when its easier to make bombs then fire orbs. I just ran to the jungle and got 6 glands for 10 salamanders. And the red imps only drop 1 and theres hardly any of those. What am I missing? how can I get the glands easier folks thanks for helping.

I don’t think there is an easier way to get the glands. I believe that the pick produces the best yield, but if you use a skinning knife, you’ll also get heaps of hide for explosives…

Hi Jbro. Yeah unfortunately the drop rate for volatile glands was greatly reduced a while back. Personally, as an offline singleplayer, I was not a fan of this decision. If you got 6 out of 10, thats a pretty respectable yield, Ive gotten as low as about 4 out of 10 on some harvest runs. Some people such as myself swear by the sickle for harvesting them. Its not fool proof, and its still a low drop rate, but I find get slightly more glands, and less feral flesh and other by products to toss out too. However…I have heard some players say that they get a much larger drop rate with Survival level 3 ‘efficient butchery’ perk. However I have not yet tried this myself. So you could consume a yellow lotus potion and give this a shot if necessary. Hope this helps…

You aren’t missing anything Volotile glands got a heavy nerf a few patches back bro.

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I get my volatile glands from red imps, from east to west or west to east in river biome.

Eh…starmetal skinning knife and hitting all of them has yielded at least 20 per run for me

It might be coincidental, but I seem to get the same amount of volitale gland with pick, skinning knife and cleaver, I usually get somewhere between 2 and 5 from a Salamander that drops them, but it is roughly only 1 out of 3 that drops any, so yeah it has been nerfed to a point where it is easier to just craft explosives - Well at least for breaking starmetal meteors… If they fall, and if they are breakable :roll_eyes:

I don’t think there’s a tool that improves the gland yield, but some of them don’t generate the various junk items, so if you only want glands it saves you time cleaning inventory. Same is true for ‘handful of bugs’ (farming Derketo maybe?).

Using a starmetal skinning knife without the 30 survival perk, I usually get 6 glands per salamanders that DO drop the glands. My problem is that in a full sweep of the area, usually only 3-5 of them will drop glands.

If you are using the 30 survival perk, it doubles the amount you harvest. It will not change the number of salamanders who drop them.

If you are on a PVP server, using the skinning knife is strongly recommended. You need all three of the items they will drop using it. Feral Flesh for Aloe Soup, Reptile Hide for Tar (1:1 Hide to Tar conversion ratio) and the Volatile glands for orbs.

The 30 survival perk doesn’t increase the drops, it just half the amount of times it takes to fully harvest something, ex if you harvest something that gives 10 in each hit 6 times, doing the same thing with the 30 survival perk will still give you a total of 60 but only using 3 hits :wink:

You may be confusing the 20 survival perk with the 30 survival perk here.

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Whoops, yes you’re absolutely right, I was actually referring to the 20 survival perk, sorry my bad :slight_smile:

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The Volatile Gland were far too easy to obtain, now you have to farm more Salamanders. Old results is I could stock a hundred orbs for very little investment. There are things in the game like Demon fire orbs that need to have value.

To make them a dime a dozen there are private servers for that, official pvp needs to have balance.

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