What happend with volatile gland drop rates?

what happend with volatile gland drop rates , ijust farmin those iguanas in jungle, and i got only 36 gland with sickle, other tools are giving nothing

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yeah though was just me. They nerfed this hell out of it?

I dont know, i hope, that is just bugg

I thought cleaver was better. Yes it was nerfed intentionally, they were giving way too many previously.

Harvest red imps. It didn’t make sense for salamanders to have it anyway.

Wow you got that many! Lol hell that sounds great to me! I never tried the salamanders but I will now…try getting them without them,its ridiculous lol

Why not? It gave a good reason to go to the Jungle.

North is already too easy and abundant already. I can get a build going there with coarse wraps and a stone spear. Hitting 30 is the hardpart, and then by the time I’m done making a Black Ice camp, I’m 60 from making the building.

At least with a valuable raiding PVP material in the Jungle gives me an excuse to go there.


You are totally right

Lol, and now imagine the big clans on servers, they must have a tons of it, and now what, the new players will be not able to defend yourself or raid anybody, becouse the fire orbs will be now that much valueable, that you will just using them on starmetal

No one wanted it nerfed, especially PVP players. As a PVP player I want to spend less time gathering resources not more.

only by PVE players playing on PVP servers

Same type of crap nerf as the thrall nerf. It rewards people who already have the mats/thralls and punishes the folks that didn’t hard core farm it before the nerf.


I hope, that this post have seen of some funcom devs, i think, that can shows up lot of people, who hates this nerf

Not a surprising nerf as you could set up a small outpost in the jungle and farm out iguanas for an hour and end up with literally a thousand volatile glands.

Last run out there with a star metal hatchet, pick, cleaver, skinning knife I was getting between 10-15 each iguana…didn’t matter which tool.

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This dev team is pathetic


Dev team is fine. The playerbase is rather pathetic to be honest. Especially from a PVP standpoint.


Well, for me i getting volatile gland only with sicle, other tools are totallz useless, i geting just bones and flesh withi pick, and with sicle i also must be lucky, becouse most of time a get nothink from them, the previous drop rates was good, as somebody told, when you have enouhg of it, you will stop farm it, this nerf could be turn back

Another feature nerfed in praise on almighty PvPrs. Slowly but tirelessly increasing boredom on PvE.


pvp players don’t want this nerfed. we want to gather quickly and get back to fighting and raiding. So stop blaming PVP players and blame the whiney PVE players that try to play on PVP servers and don’t like that orbs can bring down their crappy sandstone buildings. I do not understand why so many sandstone structures on PVP servers and then they cry when its wrecked so easy.

people at my server is reporting you can harvest it using a sickle . (the one you use to get plant fiber…)

i have not tested it myself. it if does LOOOOL!