Volatile glands low drop rate?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Server: [3656]

I have noticed while farming the iguanas in jungle (only place I know of to drop volatile glands) that the drop rate is almost non existent. If there another way to obtain them?

Red imps near the oasis

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Was told to use sickle on salamanders they may still give you nothing but when they do you get more or so I was told anyway

I’ll try it out and get back to you.

Better off using skinning knife that way you at least get reptile hides. Drop rate is about the same on glands, with sickle I averaged 2 glands per iguana and nothing else. Same odds with skinning knife plus I get the hides.

Thanks for info

Said thing is no more stacking orbs soon so I don’t even know how useful they will be after patch goes live

Sorry but what is “Red Imps”?

When you are near the starter water (oasis) there is little red man/mutant looking things. You have to kill them fast or they explode themselves near you. They are super super easy and weak to kill

why did they nerf volatile glands and now when a full server is playing how the hell we gonna get them now lol it seems like these guys don’t play the game like we all

Ya well they are nerfing stacking of orbs so it’s going to b even more useless orbs were an easy way to raid but not time efficient now you will not b able to stack grease orbs or gas orbs so it’ll take forever
You can still keep fire going by tossing another grease instead of fire orb but what used to take 5 min will now be 20 to 30x the amount of time
Pretty useless in my opinion unless your raiding sandstone

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Just farm bombs much better fot raiding anyway.:bomb::boom:

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