Volitile glands locations?

Help, salamanders drop rate for glands has basically none exsistant, any other way get glands?

I camped the Bay of Hulks for volatile glands for two days like a scrub camps Grr Legbiter. On a x4 server I managed to get enough glands for 300 salamander trophies and 750 demonfire orbs. About 1.33 glands per salamander on a x1 server I would expect.

To be honest, farming for bombs is quicker, easier and cheaper. Still I now have a chest ful lof demonfire orbs. I will never have to farm glands again for the remainder of my server.

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There’s no real good way to get them if the salamanders aren’t working for you.

The red imps, the one you kill or they blow up, always drop them but you’ll only get one per red imp and good luck finding them regularly.

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I just testing there, and came back on to tell you to use a cyckle :smile: maybe add an attachment for better results

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