[Bug] Volatile gland

Hi there, not sure if it works as intended but Salamanders do not drop volatile gland anymore. I don’t know if thats an issue or am I missing something. Thanks for taking your time watching this thread.

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They do drop some but it was intentionally nerfed.

Thanks for answer, was farming lizards for an hour and none of them dropped anything…

As stated by others, the probability of getting any glands from a kill has been decreased. However, someone suggested using a sickle on them when you harvest and I found that I did get more glands using a sickle over pickaxe when they decided to give me any at all. (About 1 in 3-5 killed salamanders would yield volatile glands with a sickle).
Whilst you are down in that area go for a slaughter-run through the grols… the red ones can be harvested for volatile glands as well … but alas I think their drop-rate is about the same as for salamanders.


I am going to post again here. I did kill 6 of them in a row yesterday and with a star metal skinning knife I did not get a single volatile gland.


just don’t understand why im not getting any volatile glands great now I have to hurry up and wait another month till they fix lovely


Don’t the Exploding Imp also give Volatile Glands as well if you kill them before they explode? There’s an alternative to farming them.

Look nerf or not but if it kill 6 a 7 of them use every ting last night I got 8 to day got zero all ready kil there 7 lizards but got noting using steel tools try knife cleaver hatch and pick noting it’s to od

Nerf into oblivian like t4’s spawning at the black galleon. The +/- 0.00001 must be insane. :persevere:

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