Volatile Glands

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Since patch the volatile gland rate is so insanely low. I have 500 reptilian hides and 1 volatile gland after slaughtering maybe 20 or so Salamanders in the jungle. Using starmetal skinning knife, tried Acheronian Pick and Also Hatchet on them. Needs to be looked at.

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Seems very random for us too, probably just a chance of a drop %.

We are on a x2 Harvest server. After killing 4 Salamanders, 2 gave zero glands, 1 gave 4 glands and 1 gave 6 glands, all skinned with the star metal knife.

It used to be much higher rate, but the rates we are getting I would think are a good balance. Before this we gathered 200+ glands in 20 min which I think was a bit too many.

I tried all kinds of tools and came up with a star metal axe since there is no obsidian axe. The axe gives me heads which I press for improved fertilizer. Most of the time the salamanders give me nothing. Sometimes 4 or 6 and more rare 14 at once. But I too, play with double harvest Tate than normal.

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Oh i even respec’d and went back with 3rd Suvival Perk. tried Lesser tools on them. Still over 40 salamanders i think i got maybe 14 glands. I have lotsa tar and leather though. Im on Offiical Servers. Pretty much they gave us starmetal back but good luck busting it open. Few other people on the server also tried and came up with horrible rates. Starmetal nodes are still bugged. One node i wasted 4 demonfire on before i gave up on it.

I went gland hunting tonight and killed 25 salamanders. Of them, I’d say 1/4 or 1/5 gave glands. I was harvesting with an obsidian pick with T3 tool upgrade. Most salamanders that dropped glands gave one drop of 5 glands, but one gave three drops of 3, 5, and 6, and one gave 5 and 6. Overall, I harvested 51 glands from the 25 lizards. This was on a public server with no perks improving my harvesting.

The drop rate is irritating because of how random it is, and without good tools it’s clearly been dramatically nerfed. However, they’re plainly still dropping glands at a higher rate than anything else.

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