Volatile Gland from salamanders

Is the drop rate suppose to be this low? I’ve cleared the area for salamanders several times and tried using different tools but out of all the salamanders I’ve killed, only one dropped volatile gland.

I get that they might want to nerf orbs. The problem is that a lot of bases are built so that trebuchet can’t reach, can’t place jars, sometimes we can reach with orbs. Yes I’m aware of creative ways to reach the top of a base but they are either pure exploits or clearly not how we are suppose to raid someone.

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I had no trouble using a skinning knife. Rates are not high, but goid enough.

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Guess it’s just bad luck then. I skinned 10’ish of them and got zero glands, obsidian skinning knife.

Maybe you should try to harvest the glands with a pick. I got many with a pick before the recent patches. Didn’t tested it afterwards

I’ve only used steel, not obsidian. The type of tool shouldn’t matter, but who knows. I’ve seen weirder bugs. I was also skinning the ones just around the islands where the jungle obalisk is located. If there are other salamanders, I can’t say how they are.

I also found that picks harvests more volatile glands

Seems I’ve just been extremely unlucky. Got 12 glands from one salamander now, using a skinning knife like before. I’d rather they just dropped one each.

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I’ve used cleavers and knives and also am seeing the same thing. I think they unraveled a thing when they messed with the key harvest rates from bosses, but that’s a theory with very little data to support. I used to easily get something from each salamander killed, but now it feels… like it’s RNG. I’ll try a pick next to see how that goes.

For the record using star metal for knife and cleaver.

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Yeah, i definitely noticed a significant drop rather recently-- i’ll go 10+ salamanders with zero glands and then I’ll either get 1 or 5, then back to none again.

Yeah me to. I don’t know why they chose to make it a random drop when they could have just nerfed it to 1 per harvest. At least then you still feel like you are making progress rather than getting frustrated with crappy rng.

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Its RNG and I think the VG’s are tied to the 30pt Survival Perk.

I’ve seen 20+ from one (1x harvest), and 0 from 15.

Currently the only way to get glands in any practical way seems to be the red imps.

Again, don’t use skinning knife or butchering knife. Those tools are for gathering specific resources. A pick woul give higher probability of yielding volatile glands. The drop rate might however have been decreased.

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On my private server (which does have 25x harvest multiplier tho that doesnt multiply the odds) i got about 525 with an acheron pick from 2-3 salamanders

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