Jumping Puzzles

Scrivnomancer wrote some of the best storylines in the history of gaming, in my opinion.

To whoever, at Funcom, thingk that jumping puzzles belong anywhere but Mario games, please stop. your engine is not good enough to make it FUN, it makes it an annoyance. The name of your company is not AnnoyanceCom.

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Look at the logo. It’s a woman screaming at “Funcom”. Go with the program.

Besides, “Cost of Magic” isn’t that bad.


I’m very torn on “Cost of Magic”, I enjoyed the quest but hated the jumping bits. Its success or failure was also very dependent on what computer I did it on and whether Virgin Media was misbehaving that day…

Yeah I hate that jump stuff too…riddles,finding clues…thats what fun,not mario game.

It’s not even that I’m complaining about, that’s an extreme :wink: the Floor is Lava achievement. It shouldn’t even be that hard except the characters decide to take extra steps before jumping or extra steps after jumping because ‘stumbling for realism’ which is fine and dandy, except it has not place in jumping puzzles due to its inconsistency. Oh that and I’ve failed the achievement when I’m not touching the ground, still on a car, just randomly decided I’ve failed the achievement. Jumping games require precise control and , you know, good programming. This is not it.

Also, Jumping puzzle games should have a label saying that they’re jumping puzzle games so I can avoid them like the plague they are. Some sort of PEGI rating.

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