Super Mario Bros Double Jump has no place in Conan

We need a fresh thread about this, and only this. This is not an 80s side-scroller console game. Non-magical characters in a Robert E. Howard gritty universe do not jump on thin air. Moreover, you shouldn’t be able to just grab an ability like this with no investment or downside, use it to get inside a base, and then immediately respec. You want to double jump around, please go play Castlevania. Thank you.


let me guess

someone double jumped into your base that has no ceiling.

respected using ur materials

went 50 encumberance and took everything.

Just build a roof next time.


Sounds clever and hilarious to me


I highly disagree with the removal of this player attribute.

But you don’t have to be a magical creature to be an astonishing athlete. It is a real world sport/hobby. People can jump astonishingly far/high, tho I am not arguing it is not average. Which makes it beautiful.



Somebody didnt see Fernando Tatis Jr. (baseball) double jump few weeks back. XD


Click the word “beautiful” in my comment above. That girl is insane. #RealNinja


No wall needed.
I couldnt find gif that just shows it.




I’m with @Molaar

I mean there is no problem with abilities like this, but the animation itself is just soooooo weird to me. I just doesn’t fit into the game’s style in my opinion.
As @Zeb and @Sera67 mentioned there are people who are capable of jumping 2, even 3 times higher than average, but they don’t do a flip meanwhile.
An other example in sportsmanship is C. Ronaldo who can achieve astronomical heights, even higher than most of the basketball players, but it is still just a jump, no flip and another magical hocuspocus.

I find that ability useful, and I know there are a lot of stuff that isn’t realistic at all, but I NEVER used it because it just seemed too cartoonish to be in such a game.
Probably if the animation is changed, I would use it more. (Hehe, even using 1 time is more than ever! :stuck_out_tongue: )


what u mean? in conan world there flying mages, creatures with wings , even dragons… our character is area restricted due to a spell, they teleport , and respawn… why u say they r no magical???

if u want a hardcore real life battle simmulator , plz go play tarkov


I can agree with that, I think the best way to fix it is to replace double jump with some kind of single jump boost (you can jump higher if you press jump key a bit longer) or something like that. It’s just an idea.


Animation rework, sure. Removal dislike.



I agree with most of this. There is a downside in that if you put that many points in Agi you can’t put them in other areas for other perks and stats.

Back to the main point you were making. Aside from a magical spell or item I agree with you that no normal human being in which your exile is supposed to be should be able even through training their body to be able to jump again after jumping as if they could use air as a spring. I would more agree with a higher jump then this gravity and physics defying trick (where are the invisible cords?) .

Maybe they could get for the same perk level in Agi the ability to back flip all the time to dodge instead of needing daggers to do it.


The only issue I would see though if you was that strong of leg to jump that high you had better have something very sturdy under you otherwise you crouch down to jump and right when you was to push off with surface under you would break and you would fall instead.

I am with @Zeb and @Tuffman, I like this feature. Is it realistic? Nope. But then neither is being able to run around with tens of thousands of kgs worth of stone in our pockets, with the Encumberance 5 ‘Momentum’ perk. And that is not to mention carrying an entire forge around with us. If a person is willing to spend 275 of their 390 pool of Attribute points (that is 70.5%…!) in order to gain a double jump ability, then in my books that is fine. Much like the flying Rhinos which we all campaigned to keep in the game, this perk adds value and charm and should remain a part of this great game.


One time I use this to double jump on a rock near a wall + fence, and I enter the base.

Inside the main wall, the top of the main building was open, I loot everthing on benchs and sleeping players.

Outside raid time in the middle of the (real world) night, defending thralls just watch me :slight_smile:


Honestly I think the Encumberance Momentum perks is also ridiculous and allows sloppiness just like bag destroying during raiding. Lets be honest the only ones that would defend double jump is those who want it to jump over defenses for raiding and nearly no other reason.

If it again was some soft of temporary magic effect preferability one with a drawback attached then super human lifting could be ok in this world as could double jump with the same restrictions. Heck I think even the amount of stone and wood we can carry is insane, but I believe this was done to enable timesinks in the form of large resource requirements for items and buildings. Honesty if they want the double jump just make it straight up only so it can not be used to top ledges and see how many still use it.

Or we can leave it like it is and people can learn to build bases without glaring security flaws.


Created solely by one ability that allows people to jump on air to get above a ledge ?? Wake up.