My humble feedback of the new patch

Hello! I’ll present some things below which in my personal opinion should be changed/fixed after the latest patch. This includes both bugs and things that are supposedly working as intended, so consider this a general feedback. Let’s go:

  • Double jump bug needs to be fixed. It appeared after 3.0, and persists to this day. Sometimes, under different conditions related to climbing, the jump function gets disabled. This only happens when the Extended leap perk is learned. Just bring back pre 3.0 Extended leap, it worked perfectly fine.

  • Delete/eliminate Mario builds. In the ancient times of old attribute system it was pretty much impossible to have both final Encumberment and Agility perks at the same time. Now it’s not only possible… it’s very easy. Just put 20 points in both Agi and Expertise. I’m pretty sure everyone knows what a Mario build is, but just in case, here is a simple explanation. When one player who is over encumbered lands on top of another player, that player is instantly crushed. In the past it was pretty difficult to do and it required ‘Mario’ to find an elevation over the opponent, now all you need to do is to double jump onto the enemy while over encumbered. Needless to say that such ‘technique’ doesn’t require any skill or gear to perform. And that’s why it needs to go. Just simply eliminate the ability to crush people by jumping on them. Nobody will miss this ‘feature’, trust me.

  • Katana’s special ability is rubbish now. Ever since the katana rework I always thought that the increased burst damage of this ability, used quickly after 3 normal/strong attacks in row, was a feature… but the latest patch notes state that it’s a bug. Well, alright, the damage was a bit too high. But the current version is just useless now. Not only the damage is very low, it has a tremendously terrible hit box. Very often, especially after the recent patch, this move completely misses the target who is right in front of you.
    While we’re at katanas, fix the hit box for the first light and heavy attacks. They often miss the target which is right in front of you.

  • Twitch drops. Remember the Watcher’s twitch drops? I do, and I miss them because for whatever reason they’re completely gone from my account. I no longer have a twitch account, I don’t need to explain the reasons. The fact is that I once earned them and now they should be a part of my Conan exiles game. Same, by the way, goes for the Battlepass rewards. Last 2 days before the latest patch all of earned Battlepass decorations were missing from my crafting stations. This shouldn’t ever happen.

  • Disappearing treasure chests. Very often when you hold a skeleton key and run towards a treasure chest, it simply vanishes when you get close. This can happen several times in row at various points of the map (Exiled lands, didn’t test that on Siptah)


Well, there’s that elusive Steam achievement that requires one to do just that.

Of course, since it requires one to play with other people and is impossible to complete on Single-Player, I wouldn’t mind seeing that gone. It’s a silly gimmick anyway.


Fully agree, I know about that one. It needs to go indeed. Previously it could only be done by jumping onto someone from a high spot, while now it can be done almost at the flat surface. For a one-shot mechanics it’s way too easy.

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IMO: One-shot mechanics should never exist in full loot PvP games.


Unless it’s dayz… 1 shot to the dome without a helmet it’s ggs

You literally just need to touch the person while in goomba while climbing. As long as you’re above, climb down, don’t even fall.

This has happened to me and my clan mates while climbing around our base just reorganizing loot XD oops

Not sure if it works still on 3.0, I don’t goomba personally.


I want consistency with goomba…if I can’t use it to kill NPC’s it shouldn’t be available to kill PC’s.

Clearly we all understand that falling on Red Mamma’s head shouldn’t insta-kill her because its horribly unbalanced and bored game, yet we discuss pros and cons of it on the player? If its cheese, it shouldn’t matter if its NPC or PC. Get rid of the trophy and the ability.


Never, ever your correct. - Again the number are to low in conan (HP), like ive said multiple times add 1000hp to us before all nerfs happened and everything would be fine. - You can’t work with 3 digits with lag and stuff.

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