3 bugs that need attention

So climbing…it is now horrible to get over the edege. The trend of worse every major patch is now goung on 3+years in a downward trajection.

Dynamic Building Damage…juat remove it if you arent going to actually develope it.

Climbing part 2…Lore wise, which story allowoed Conan to spam double jump up the side of a mountain side?


Yep, I probably spend more stamina getting over the edge than I do climbing the whole way up.


We know from Red Nails that he climbed faster than Valeria, who was a pirate. Maybe this is how he did it.


“and up the sheer, stygian cliffside came Conan, double-jumping like an idiot and going LOL every other second”. Straight outta Howard!


Not Conan, but Taurus of Nemedia in Tower of the Elephant may have.
Despite being corpulent, he “almost seemed to glide over the edge” of walls.
So either double jump or sorcery.
Sadly no corrupted Agility to explain unnatural movement in game yet.


That’s actually really useful :smiley:

I could go on and cry now: “reeee, PvE nerf requests ruin my gameplay!”. But I am not this kind of person. It is definitely a bug, because you can jump again after touching a wall. Before it was only possible to jump again when you touched the ground (climbing did not count).

But tbh this is such a minor bug, there are other more serious bugs that should be fixed first. Especially the performance. HUGE problem right now on basically every populated server.

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